5 Delta 8 THC Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Do you love listening to podcasts? Well, we have the perfect list of 5 podcasts you should be listening to about Delta 8 THC. These podcasts also cover topics such as cannabis news and culture, to stories about people that use recreational marijuana (or other recreational drugs) for medical purposes, there is a podcast for everyone on this list. These podcasters are all experts in their fields and know everything about the subject matter they discuss. The only thing you need to do is download your favorite podcast app and get started!

Why Are Podcasts A Good Source Of Information About Delta 8 THC?

  • Podcasts are an easy way to get information, especially if you commute or spend a lot of time doing other activities that don’t require your full attention.
  • They allow you to multitask by listening while driving, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, and more.
  • Podcasts have exploded in popularity over recent years due to their accessibility across many devices. It is now easier than ever to find great podcasts on just about any topic imaginable thanks to smart speakers like Alexa!

Why should I listen? What can they tell me about Delta 8 THC products? – There are plenty of Delta 8 THC podcasts out there chockfull with valuable information from medical professionals and patients alike including:

1. CBD Talk Podcast

CBD Talk is a weekly podcast dedicated to education and knowledge about cannabidiol (CBD). If you’re searching for a podcast that will educate you about to therapeutic use CBD to improve your health, this is the one to listen to!

They discuss Delta 8 THC in Episode 96 with Al Hoffman as a guest, they talk about Delta 8 as the substance that is allowed to ship to virtually all states since the DEA categorized Delta 9 THC as an “illegal cannabinoid” under the Farm Bill. This is a fascinating episode in which you will learn a lot and, perhaps, more people will be able to benefit from whole-plant cannabis by just listening to this informative resource and being in cannabis space.

2. The CBD Ed Show With Ed Cheney

The CBD Ed Show brings together industry specialists, public health experts, academics, and everyday people to discuss their expertise and real-life CBD experiences. In 2018, the United States Congress passed a law allowing for the use of industrial hemp, which includes cannabidiol.

Doctors are now writing more prescriptions than at any other time in history. This isn’t the answer since there are numerous natural and healthy ways to feel good.

Hemp is a useful source of cannabidiol (CBD) and other natural phytocannabinoids that act with the cannabinoid receptors of our body. The CBD Ed Show provides the most up-to-date industry information as well as “real talk” answers to your CBD health inquiries. Relevant in this time where cannabis products are on the rise and people need help in finding genuine and sourced legal cannabis products.

3. CPG & CBD University Podcast

Global Widget, LLC’s CPG & CBD University Podcast is for individuals who want to learn more about the hemp-derived chemical. Every podcast episode will look at the rapidly growing CBD industry, as well as the latest news, trends, and information surrounding the sourcing, manufacturing, testing, and distribution of CBD products, as well as any new product information from Global Widget’s brands Hemp Bombs, Nature’s Script, and Pure Paws Hemp.

4. CBD Source Podcast

This podcast is a one-stop-shop for all things CBD. You’ll learn about the benefits of CBD and hear from a variety of folks about their experiences. You’ll also learn about new goods from cannabis industry experts. This THC podcast will help you understand CBD better, with a dash of humor from host Col Cheney.

5. CBD Guide Podcast

The CBD Guide Podcast is a podcast that introduces listeners to the amazing world of CBD. They speak with forward-thinking entrepreneurs, experts, and trailblazers. You’ll also learn about intriguing new goods, unique cannabis companies, and the significant trends that are driving this burgeoning market.

They’ll also address your most frequently asked questions, as well as go through the benefits of CBD, the science behind it, and everything in between.

What Are The Benefits Of Listening To Podcasts?

Podcasts are an engaging way to learn about the latest delta-eight THC news and hear from industry professionals. It will keep you up on the latest news about medical marijuana use.

Another benefit is that these types of podcasts allow listeners to further educate themselves regarding all aspects of using pot as medicine (or cannabis based medicines) such as different strains and their psychoactive effects for central nervous system plus dosing information.

It also doesn’t hurt that many hosts provide recommendations for specific products like edibles.

We wanted to share with you 5 podcasts that are worth listening to. They cover everything from the science of pure THC (or synthetic THC) in CBD products to how cannabis can help people beat addiction. If you don’t know where to start – these will get you started! These podcasts are a great way to get up-to-date information about what’s happening in the world of Delta 8 THC.

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What is a THC podcast?

We all know what a podcast is, but a THC podcast is something completely new. Often podcasts talk about the benefits of CBD, but it is rare that there are informative THC podcasts. Therefore, so that you do not search for a long time, we have collected for you the best THC podcasts.

Why is it good to listen to the THC podcast?

The THC podcast may be of interest to those people who are interested in the hemp culture and all the products that come with it. It is also a great source of knowledge for those who want to try a product with THC for the first time, as here you can find a lot of interesting information for yourself

What else can THC podcast tell you?

THC podcast is a collection of interesting information. In such podcasts, you can find both general information about THC and an analysis of products that contain THC. The THC podcast can be your guide to a variety of THC products.