How To Use A Vape Pen?

Vaping is a relatively recent movement that has really taken off over the past decade, becoming a big part of mainstream culture.

The fact that it releases all the beneficial components of the cannabis plant without the unnecessary side effects induced by burning the plant is what made vaporizing so common.

There are those who do not yet know what vape pens are and how disposable vape pens operate, while vaping has become a very common option for cannabis and CBD users.


What are Disposable Vape Pen?

The fact that they are one unit is the reason why disposable vape pens stand out. You do not need to purchase the battery separately, unlike with CBD cartridges; all of the components are included in the pen. This implies that the oil is stored inside the device, the battery and the atomizer.

The fact that their battery can not be re-charged after use, or in certain cases it can, but it will have a short life, is what makes these pens disposable.

How Does It Work?

What makes these pens even more common is the fact that, even for those who are new to cannabis and vaporizer use, they are super easy to use. By simply inhaling, the pen’s heating mechanism is activated, as with e-cigarettes, which not only makes them easy to use, but also very discreet.

The fact that vaporizers do not smell or have a major reduction in smell compared to smoking, other than size and portability, really makes disposable vape pens a great choice for those who want to be as discreet as possible.

The way disposable vape pens work is by heating up the cannabis oil without burning its components to the point of vaporization. This means there is no smoke and no fire. Smoking kills a lot of cannabis’ active materials, while vaping users get almost all of the plant’s active ingredients through vaping.

What’s the Difference Between a Prefilled Cartridge & a Disposable Vape Pen?

You will need to buy a battery if you want to use a cartridge that has been pre-filled with cannabis oil. The battery provides energy in the cartridge for the atomizer, or heating element. This atomizer is what transforms the cannabis oil into the form of vapor. You either press a button or simply inhale to trigger these atomizers.

Pros of cartridge pens:

  • They are reusable rechargeable batteries
  • It is possible to refill and reuse some cartridges, but most are disposable.
  • Many cartridges meet the 510 threading industry norm, meaning you can use the same battery with different cartridges.
  • There are more choices for cannabis oil than disponible disposable vape pens.

Cons of cartridge pens:

  • After a certain amount of use, the battery needs recharging.
  • You should regularly clean the battery and cartridge.

Disposable vape pens are one unit, unlike cartridge pens: pre filled e liquid, atomizer, battery and other components are all found inside the pen. Simply inhale to activate the heating element.

Since these pens are easy to use and can be thrown away once the oil is gone, cannabis novices, cannabis tourists and those who are not ready to buy more expensive options for vaping are common.

Disposable Vape Pen Pros:

  • The battery does not need to be charged.
  • It does not require any cleaning or other maintenance.
  • They seem to be priced higher than cartridges pre-filled.

Cons of Disposable Vape Pens:

  • The battery is not reusable, and the whole pen has to be thrown away; this causes more waste, while recycling services are available for some disposable vape pen brands. So, consumers should carry used pens back to the dispensary from which they bought them.

Where Can I Get the Best Disposable E-Juice Vapes?

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How to Use a Disposable Vape Pen?

Make sure the device is fully charged. Remove the mouthpiece from the cartridge and then screw on the cartridge to the battery threading until it’s secure. *DON’T PRESS THE BUTTON UNTIL THE CARTRIDGE IS SCREWED ON* Press the button and take a puff.

How many times can I use one puff bar?

One puff bar is equivalent to roughly 200-300 puffs depending on usage and style of vape, so you can get roughly 5-10 uses out of one puff before having to dispose of it.

What Are Disposable Vape Pens?

Disposable vape pens or disposables are pre-filled vaporizers that come in a small and sleek pen style. The pen is activated and deactivated by a simple click of the button and can be used for up to 200 puffs before being disposed of.