How to Fix a Puff Bar That Won’t Hit?


How to fix a disposable vape that won’t hit? So you’ve heard all the buzz surrounding the Puff Bar disposable vape system, and you’ve picked up one to test for yourself. You open the packet, rip the wrapping off, and slip a brilliant orange gadget into your palm. It’s time to try your fresh Mango Puff Bar. It all looks fine, and now you’re seeing what everybody’s talking about for yourself. You’ve never had a much better time using an electronic cigarette in your life. Everything you wanted to do was cut the packaging and get a puff! How could it be easier?

But all of a sudden, you know you can’t get a hit from your system. The Puff Bar blinking blue, but nothing vaporizes. What’s going on here? What’s wrong with your awesome new device? How are you going to patch a Puff Bar plus not hitting brand new?

There are a few different explanations for why your vape does not work and a few things that might help you solve it. How are you going to patch a Puff Bar that won’t hit? Keep reading to find out how to hit your Puff Bar starts again. It’s frustrating if you want to use your favorite vape, but you can’t get a hit out of it. You want to use something that works every time you don’t have to troubleshoot it. There are moments, however, when you may have to take a moment to see what’s going on with your device. Then how are you going to repair a Puff Bar that won’t hit?


This might sound like a dumb idea, but if you’ve been using your Puff Bar a lot, you might just need to give your system a few minutes. Often the puff bar’s battery needs a rest when you’re taking so many hard drags in a row. Set your Puff Bar down for a moment when you’re doing something else, then come back to check it out. Take a puff to see if it’s starting to hit.


Initially, disposable vapes are pre-filled with 1.3 mL of e-liquid, enough to offer up to 300 puffs to users. This is expected to keep the majority of people alive for at least a few days. Puff Bars Plus has more liquid from the start, pre-filled with 3.2 mL of liquid. Giving users up to 800 puffs, Puff Bar Plus can please even the most strong e-cig users.

The Puff Bar team engineered both the original Puff Bar and the Puff Bar Plus to run out of e-liquid at about the same time that the battery runs low. Occasionally, however, your system will run out of liquid before the battery is out, and this will prevent your Puff Bar from hitting. You’re going to need to buy a new bar once your system has run out of e-liquid.


If you still have trouble not touching your Puff Bar, check the cotton underneath the black mouthpiece. Despite our high quality control standards, sometimes things still slip under the radar. Try this fast fix when you’re wondering how to fixing disposable vape pens that won’t reach you.

Pry the black cover of the mouthpiece with a tweezer and look below. You could see a small piece of cotton with a circular tube in the middle of it. Often the cotton is stuffed slightly, which prevents air from circulating properly when you’re trying to take a puff out of your device.

Use the tweezers to pass the cotton around to adjust it to make room for breathing. Make sure you keep the space open above the cylinder because the air needs to pass through the atomizer coil as well. Put the black mouthpiece back in place and try to get a hit from your Puff Bar.


The last thing you need to check is if battery of your Puff Bar blue light, it means your Puff bar is low. Again, the battery life and vape juice power can operate along similar lines and close at the same time. Puff Bar provides a 280 mAh battery and Puff Bar Plus comes with a 550 mAh battery, enough to please most users for a few days.

You’ll know that the battery is running low, though, until the blue indicator light at the bottom of your Puff Bar begins to blue light flashes. The comfortable yet disposable device means that if the dead puff bar battery (not rechargeable disposable vape), it’s time to start looking at the latest flavors of the Puff Bar.

Where Can I Get the Best Puff Bar Disposable Vape Pens?

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Does the Puff Bar verify?

For quality control purposes, Puff Bar uses high-tech machines. The production line is equipped with high-end sensors that can detect problems in the creation process early on. This makes it so there are rarely any issues with the vaping experience.

Why is my Puff Bar blinking?

A blue light blinking in the Puff Bar means the battery is low and needs to be charged. If it is a disposable Puff Bar, then it will soon stop working. It’s the same with your Puff Bar Plus.

Why is the new Puff Bar not hitting?

Sometimes the battery needs rest when you’re taking so many hard drags in a row. Set your Puff Bar down for a moment when you’re doing something else, then come back to check it out. Take a puff to see if it’s starting to hit.

How to open a Puff Bar Plus?

There is no need for you to open the Puff Bar Plus as it will last up to 800 puffs. However, if you want to open it, simply use a bottle opener and push upward on the mouthpiece until you hear a click. You now have access to refill your Puff Bar Plus with e-liquid of your choice.