235 Henry Ave, Memphis, TN 38107, United States

Bickford Aquatic Park and Center is a 6-acre community center, park, indoor pool and common spot for residents and students in Uptown, Memphis, TN. Home to Bickford Swimming Pool, Aquatic Amenities and more.

Bickford is an indoor swimming pool that is free of charge to the city. It’s a really comfortable lap Olympic size swimming facility pool. They also have a dive board area which is 12 feet deep. They give an adult swim starting at 8 a.m. Monday through Friday.

Swimming lessons

  • Swimming lessons for children: Monday through Friday, 6-6:45 p.m. For two weeks now. $25 per session
  • Swimming lessons for adults: Monday through Friday, 6-6:45 p.m. For two weeks now. $48 per session
  • Call 901-566-9685 for location

Both swimmers on swim teams or attending a swim class must complete the Aquatic Activity Registration Form prior to class at the City Pool. Please download the form by clicking on the link above or pick up a form from your local pool.

Pool party room rentals

Pool party room rentals are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. – at 8 p.m. And on Saturday 9 a.m. – at 1 p.m. The rooms have direct access to the pool and the space can hold between 15 and 30 people. Water workers will set up a room, tenants will bring their own food, drink and thus enjoy the pool at the same time. Cost: $100 for two hours in addition to a refundable shower and locker rooms cleaning deposit of $100. Aquatic Center Savannah only accept cashier checks or money orders, payable to the City of Memphis.

Bickford Aquatics is the quietest indoor pool facility operated by professionals with a passion for the Memphis inner-city neighborhood and colleges. Bickford Aquatic Park and Center is a very good facility with both swimming lanes and an open deep end for scuba divers. It’s which is undergoing good scrubbing in the swimming area and the toilets. The staff is fantastic and helpful.

Indeed, The Bickford Aquatic Facility is a great place for everyone who is up for a swim, engaged in water aerobics, circle swimming, swim shop, swimming lesson, or just for leisure. It has great amenities and the management is excellent in keeping the safe and generally clean facility.

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These amazing public area swimming pools are located just down the street from our location at Summer Avenue between Estridge Drive and Eastern Drive.


What is Bickford Aquatic Center?

It is a community center with a total area of 6 acres. It also includes a park and a free indoor pool. There is also a 12-foot-deep ski jumping area.

Where is Bickford Aquatic Center located?

Almost every resident of the city knows this place, because it is one of the most pleasant places for leisure. Bickford Aquatic Center is located at 235 Henry Ave, Memphis, TN 38107, United States and is waiting for any of us at a convenient time.

What are the activities at the Bickford Aquatic Center?

This Aquatic Center is one of the most interesting places to visit with family or friends. They offer you an indoor pool, Pool party room rentals and of course Swimming lessons. Entertainment for all ages and for all tastes.