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3257 Devonshire Way, Germantown, TN 38139, United States

Nestled along busy Poplar Avenue just east of the Germantown Baptist Church, this is an exclusive neighborhood where developers have tried something a little different.

Welch Realty Co. added amenities not typically found in single family residential developments in the Devonshire Gardens neighborhood. The clubhouse, the pool and the lighted tennis courts were a big hit with the residents and a selling point for the developers.

The developers said they came up with the idea of developing a community-friendly neighborhood. They didn’t want people to come home and go home. They decided to provide a space for meetings and gatherings.

Welch and partner Jim Dickinson, of Dickinson & Bennett, Inc., have built a neighborhood and are selling lots to builders. Devonshire Gardens has a total of 127 home sites and 25 are still available. The plots range in size from 15.000 square feet to 1 acre. The 4,000-7,000-square-foot home sells between $600,000 and $1.3 million.

Planning for Devonshire Gardens began in 1998 when talks were underway to buy 72 acres from Carl Grant. The facilities and clubhouse were in place by 2002 when Welch Realty started closing the lot. Kinard says the organization has chosen some of the area’s best builders to take part in the neighborhood.

Bryan Johnson of Germantown Home Builders, Inc., said he figured there was nothing like Devonshire in the Memphis area. They had an end goal in mind, and I think they’ve gone past that. Germantown Home Builders has 10 construction sites. Information, like the landscaped medians of Devonshire, have made high lot prices tolerable.

The clubhouse is a popular place to meet the homeowner’s committee.

Promotes peace and culture. That’s something cookie cutter, there’s no run-of-the-mill subdivision. They have nothing to do with Devonshire. The shared facilities have an effect on individual purchasers’ plans.

Getting those kinds of facilities in the neighborhood helps people not to have to create a pool in the backyard, so they add other amenities to the home.

The group clubhouse was one of the key points of sale in the area. The 3,000-square-foot clubhouse has a completely fitted kitchen that’s great for catering. The main hall has a vaulted ceiling of Hickory wooden beams. The floor is made of Brazilian Cherry and Hickory wood. The stone fireplace is extended to the ceiling. Leather sofas surround the fireplace and many marble tables and chairs can be relocated to accommodate large groups.

Residents have made good use of the facility. Wedding receptions, garden parties, baby showers and office meetings were held there. One resident booked a clubhouse for her big family’s Thanksgiving meal. They will reserve the building months in advance by calling the management company. It’s washed regularly, paid for by the dues of the homeowner association.

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These amazing public swimming pools are located just down the street from our location at Summer Avenue between Estridge Drive and Eastern Drive.


What is Devonshire Gardens?

Devonshire Gardens is a unique area that has been thought out to the smallest detail for the needs of the residents of the area. In the area there are floodlit tennis courts, a swimming pool and a club. Devonshire Gardens has 127 home sites, some of which are still available for sale.

What pools are there in Memphis, Tennessee?

This area is thought out to the smallest detail and here you can also find pools such as:

– Kroc Center Memphis

– Gooch Park Swimming Pool

– Bickford Aquatic Facility

– Grove Park Swimming Pool

– Ed Rice Community Center Outdoor Pool

– Hickory Hill Aquatic Center

When did planning for Devonshire Gardens begin?

Planning for the Devonshire Gardens began in 1998. First they negotiated the purchase of 72 acres of land from Carl Grant. But the club and premises were ready by 2002. Some of the best developers were chosen to build the area.

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