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1858 Johnson Rd, Germantown, TN 38139, United States

Grove Park, conveniently situated in the east corner ground of Germantown, has Johnson Road as its primary entrance and straddles both the north and south sides of Wolf River Boulevard. Established in 2000, the homes in the Grove Park neighborhood offer multi-story living on large plots for family owned and are close to amenities such as schools and parks.

Neighboring children attend the prestigious Germantown Public Schools of Dogwood Elementary (grades K-5), Houston Middle and Houston High School.

Active Homeowners Association maintains neighborhood entrances, community Memphis pool and clubhouse, quarterly e-newsletters, neighborhood directory, and fun and engaging social events for all age groups. The group also hosts a bi-annual sale of supplies from the community yard.

If you’re looking for a stable neighborhood with a good association, then you’re welcome to Grove Park!

About the Grove Park HOA

The Grove Park Homeowners Association (GPHOA) is helping to maintain the value of homes in our area and to foster a close-knit community of friendship and fun. All current homeowners living in Grove Park are required to pay annual association fees to operated company in January of each year.

Members of GPHOA receive a quarterly e-newsletter containing articles on issues affecting our neighborhood, and can access the directory and other relevant information on the GPHOA website at Members will also receive up to date additional information on important safety issues or lost pets, both by email and on our website blog page (after registration). Paid membership for GPHOA reserves a printed copy of the neighborhood directory that includes a list of babysitters, house and pet sitters.

Annual fees also fund our care, maintenance and beautification of our 4 Grove Park entrances, community clubhouse and pool, including all landscaping services. In addition, we own and maintain our upgraded street sign offering an extended charm to the neighborhood.

Need a pool to cool off in while or hot tubs in Memphis, West Tennessee? Check out these amazing pools our city is blessed to offer:

  • Bickford Aquatic Facility
  • Gooch Park Swimming Pool
  • Hickory Hill Aquatic Center
  • Ed Rice Community Center Outdoor Pool
  • Kroc Center Memphis TN
  • Devonshire Gardens Community Pool

These amazing public swimming pools are located just down the street from our location at Summer Avenue between Estridge Drive and Eastern Drive.


Where is Grove Park located?

Grove Park is in the eastern part of Germantown, with the main entrance from Johnson Road spanning both the north and south sides of Wolf River Boulevard. Also in the Grove Park area are high-rise buildings founded in 2000, next to which are parks and schools.

What pools are there in Memphis, Tennessee?

There are quite a few great pools in Memphis, but we have selected the best for you:

  • Hickory Hill Aquatic Center
  • Bickford Water Complex
  • Gooch Park pool
  • Devonshire Gardens Public Pool
  • Croc Center Memphis
  • Ed Rice Community Center Outdoor pool

Who keeps order in Grove Park?

Grove Park Home Owners Association (GPHOA). At the beginning of each year, all homeowners must pay membership dues. GPHOA members also receive a newsletter that highlights the problems of the area. This information can also be found on the website –