What Is A Puff Bar?

If anyone thought that the new flavored e-cigarette regulations would solve the youth vaping epidemic, they haven’t heard of Puff Bars.

Puff Bars mimic the popular JUUL and its many copycat e-cigarette devices, but are designed for one-time use. They come in many youth-appealing varieties, like O.M.G (Orange, Raspberry, Guava), but are not subject to the current federal ban on flavored e-cigarettes. This is because they are disposable — one of the many exemptions and loopholes in the new regulation that limits the flavors of closed-system e-liquid cartridges, such as JUUL and its pods, and does not extend to refillable cartridges or disposable items.

Here are some important things to know about this type of e-cigarette:

How popular are e-cigarettes disposable?

The lack of control and compliance surrounding e-cigarettes has opened the door to the proliferation of goods. Newer disposable products have become more popular as JUUL stopped sales of certain sweet and fruity flavors last year under criticism for its leading role in the youth e-cigarette epidemic.

Online search trends suggest that disposable e-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular. A December article in the journal Tobacco Control, “The rise of disposable JUUL-type e-cigarette devices,” reports that the Google search resulted in 31 brands of disposable products on the first results page, with devices “priced as low as $4.60 with up to 7 percent nicotine (a higher concentration than JUUL) and 200 puff advertising.”

These goods are priced considerably cheaper than JUUL, which costs up to $34.99 for devices with JUUL pods sold separately in the U.S. According to the report, “disposable products can become popular with minors and prompt users of all ages to try to become addicted to vaping when they may not have tried otherwise because of the cost of entry.”

Can I refill a puff bar?

Puff Bar is available for a reason. There’s no need for you to fumble around trying to fill a tiny tank. Only throw out your old bar and pick up a new one to replace it. You don’t even have to waste time searching out different places to find a spot that carries the right type of refillable pod you’re looking for. There is only one choice when it comes to the Puff Bar!

You can’t get more hits from the Puff Bar out of the e-liquid. You’re going to need to buy a new one once the pre-filled tank has run out. Stick with your normal favorite flavor or try something new-there are more than 20 Puff Bar flavors to choose from, after all.

This offers you the opportunity to try new flavors more often than not without sticking to a bottle of unknown flavor. If you somehow happen to find a bar that you don’t like, you can turn to a new one without tossing out a lot of unused e-liquid.

Puff Bar is designed to make your steaming experience as simple and as straightforward as possible. Don’t worry about messing up with refillable pods again When it’s time for a new bar, head over to your favorite local distributor or pick up a bar from our online store. Your next taste experience is waiting for you.

How does a puff bar work?

Puff Bars have many similarities to JUUL, but they have some main differences. Much like JUUL, the Puff Bar is small enough to fit into a pocket, resembles a USB flash drive, and heats up an e-liquid cartridge to produce a mist. Each pod system is pre-loaded and pre-filled. If the vapor has run out, it can not be recharged or refilled – standing apart from JUUL for its one-time application.

Does a puff bar have nicotine?

Every Puff Bar uses nicotine salts as a formula that allows for far higher levels and an effective delivery of nicotine with less discomfort compared to previous generations of e-cigarettes. Nicotine strength in Puff Bars can be as high as 5%, much like JUUL.

Many young people are not aware of their nicotine intake while using e-cigarettes. Indeed, the findings of the April 2018 Truth Initiative ® study released in Tobacco Control indicate that almost two-thirds—63 percent — of JUUL users aged 15-24 were unaware that JUUL often contained nicotine. Young adults who are not only at risk of nicotine addiction — the effects of nicotine exposure may also harm brain growth, alter the functioning of the nerve cells, and change brain chemistry.

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What is a puff bar?

This is an electronic cigarette that mimics the well-known JUUL device, but unlike JUUL devices, the puff bar is a disposable device. Which means you can’t use the puff bar after it runs out of vape juice or runs out of battery. The puff bar is quite compact, which allows it to be popular.

What are puff bar flavors?

The range of flavors at the puff bar is quite wide, so each person can choose their favorite puff bar flavor or experiment and try different tastes. At the moment, the most popular flavors of puff bars are raspberry, guava, orange. But there are also many other interesting flavors.

Do puff bars have nicotine?

Yes, nicotine is present in puff bars and currently the nicotine percentage mark is 5% (similar to JUUL devices). A 2018 study found that 63% of JUUL users were unaware that their device contained nicotine. So if you want to avoid nicotine, then you should look for another device for vaping.