Mary Jane’s Terpene Infused Tincture Ratio 2:1 CBD/CBN 1500mg Night

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MJCBD Terpene Infused Tincture Ratio 2:1 CBD/CBN 1500mg Night

The ultimate blend for sweet dreams! Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary MJCBD CBN + CBD Drops 30 mL is the nighttime tincture perfect for you to ease and wind down at the end of the day. With its all-natural hemp extract—primarily comprising the powerful CBD and CBN (ratio 2:1), and then infused with the much-needed terpenes—and boosted with other premium ingredients, the 1500 mg CBD tincture is worth adding to your nighttime routine. All you need is just half of the dropper; and you get enough to detox and ready for an upcoming hectic day!

  • More Than the Dual Action of Beneficial Cannabinoids. The synergy of CBD and CBN is what a satisfying dream tastes like. Maintaining the ratio of 2:1, the topnotch fusion still encompasses extra strength CBD compounds (67%) and enough amount of the special CBN (33%).
    • Our Secret: Terpenes. On top of these carefully extracted cannabinoids, experts from Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary also included substantial amounts of terpenes, which play a role in endogenous cannabinoid activity. And since the nighttime tincture is terpene-infused, your daily CBD experience is taken to the next level.
  • A Must in Your Sleep Care Ritual. After a hard workday, a good night’s sleep is what you deserve. To de-stress and relax is what consumers want to get the most out of our proprietary blends. And the remarkable MJCBD Terpene-Infused 1500 CBD Tincture may help with that. Aside from plumping those pillows, staying away from blue-light sources, and doing other healthy sleep habits, taking in a few drops of the nighttime 1500 mg CBD tincture might be the great addition.
  • Highest quality of ingredients, unlike no other. Have we mentioned the unique 2:1 mixture of CBN and CBD in every drop? Well, aside from its precision, you can also ensure you’re getting safe CBD products from Mary Jane’s every single time. Every batch of the MJCBD Night Tincture is lab-tested in independent laboratories for purity and verification of its cannabinoid ratios.
  • A few drops are all you need. With your 30 mL bottle of MJCBD CBN CBD tincture, you can get 30 to 60 servings, depending on what CBD dosage is perfect for you. For starters, the hybrid approach, by making dose estimates first, is the way to go. Start with the littlest amount possible—half of the one (1) ML dropper of the MJCBD 1500 mg CBD tincture is recommended. Then, from there, you gradually increase the dose (look at the tick marks on the dropper) until you reach the ideal dosage for you.
  • Getting the most out of the CBD/CBN Tincture. Since they’re stored in a tightly sealed amber glass bottle, it won’t be difficult for you to store the CBD CBN Sleep Tincture. Just keep it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Keep the CBD CBN tincture close by placing them in your medicine cabinet or your bedside table, so you can easily take a drop 20 to 30 minutes before your slumber time.
  • Sublingual–Putting the MJCBD oil tincture under your tongue and letting it sit for at least 30 seconds is the most effective way. However, the all-natural hemp taste of the tincture may not be for everyone, especially for those who have a sensitive palate. To mask the hemp aftertaste, you may:
  • Ingest; take it as it is–Another way to administer the 1500 mg CBD Tincture is to swallow it like the usual liquid herbal medicine.
  • Blend it with tea or anything–Adding it to your bedtime tea or warm milk might add a little boost to your usual routine, considering the potential effects of the CBD and CBN combination. In the end, it will depend on your personal preference.


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2 reviews for Mary Jane’s Terpene Infused Tincture Ratio 2:1 CBD/CBN 1500mg Night

  1. 5 out of 5


    These guys constantly surprise me with the quality of their products. This tincture is exactly what you need for those who have trouble falling asleep. I sleep like a baby after it.

  2. 4 out of 5


    Due to the constant flights and travels, it was difficult for me to sleep and I felt constantly tired. This tincture helps me feel energized and less stressed during my travels.

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CBD or cannabidiol is a major cannabinoid found in hemp plants (a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant that has meager amounts of THC). CBD has shown its potential in the health and wellness aspect based on different clinical studies and scientific reviews. With the MJCBD CBD CBN Sleep Tincture, you can make sure you’re getting enough amount of CBD. And because of its non-psychoactive property, the CBD, even highly potent in the 1500 mg CBD Oil tincture, will not make you high.

CBN or cannabinol is slowly gaining traction in the hemp industry because of its potential benefit for sleep problems and pain management. Though it’s a lesser-known cannabinoid, you may still get the most when using the CBN CBD tincture. First, the whole hemp compounds have greater potential than cannabinoid isolates—thus, making CBN valuable in this blend. Second, it’s a weaker version of THC—no alarming mind-altering effects with the recommended dosage. Lastly, the sufficient amounts of CBN, just like in the MJCBD blend of CBD and CBN tincture, make it a must in your checklist if you’re looking for the perfect nighttime tincture.

The MJCBD 1500 MG CBD tincture is the best option for those who want a little aid for their sleep problems. The innovative combination of 1500 mg of CBD and CBN is quite intricate and yet remains very accessible to you and anybody who needs it. At a reasonable price, you can enjoy how trouble-free the CBD CBN tincture is to add to your sleep and personal wellness regimen. The experience of restful sleep and a good morning afterward can be potentially yours in just an mL of the MJCBD 1500 CBD tincture!

The MJCBD Terpene-infused 1500 mg CBD Tincture is targeted at those who need help with correcting their sleep patterns. Because of the unique formula, this goes beyond what a typical CBD tincture has. With a ratio of 2:1 in a 30mL CBD 1500 mg bottle, you get 67% of CBD and 33% of CBN. A large amount of CBD makes the CBD CBN tincture perfect for nighttime needs. And with the help of CBN, you’ll likely get to sleep faster and maybe even sleep longer.

More scientific studies are needed to confirm CBN’s benefits for sleep management. Though CBN has been first discovered a century ago, only limited research exists about CBN’s direct health benefits. However, with CBN’s help, when combined with the powerful CBD, you can expect the potential of an entourage effect—likely making the CBD effects more potent than it is when alone. When using new hemp-derived products, like the MJCBD Sleep Tincture CBN and CBD-infused, always start on low dosages and watch out for unwanted effects on the first days. Better yet, consult your doctor before taking them together with your medications.

The MJCBD CBN CBD Tincture is taken 20-30 minutes before your desired sleeping time. It is worth stating, however, to start with half a pipette and then gradually increase until you are comfortable with the dosage. This is highly recommended, especially for those who are just starting with hemp-infused CBD products. A full dropper, equal to 1 mL, contains 50 mg of cannabinoids CBD and CBN which might aid during sleepless nights. You may take the tincture sublingually, swallow it as it is, or add them to your favorite nighttime tea.

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