MJCBD CBD/CBG 600mg Gummies 20 ct (15mg/15mg) Mixed Berry – Immunity Gummies

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MJCBD CBD/CBG 600mg Gummies 20 ct (15mg/15mg) Mixed Berry

MJCBD 600MG CBD+CBG Immunity Gummies are the top-notch choice for CBD users who also want to get the potential therapeutic benefits of CBG. The fusion of the same amounts of CBG and CBD in the CBG + CBD Gummies 600mg makes it the perfect addition to your morning routine! These mixed berry-flavored CBD and CBG gummies are filled with all the hemp extract goodness while being boosted with other premium ingredients. Since they’re very easy to carry and quite fun to take, your pursuit for the energetic days to fulfill long-term goals can now start with just one MJCBD gummy!

    • CBD + CBG Synergy. 15mg CBD gummies coupled with the same amount of CBG—and then making it THC-free—is probably the excellent blend MJCBD offers as recently. Particularly, not only do you get the most sought-after CBD, which has many potential benefits, but you also get to dip your toes into the very special CBG, which is found in small amounts and has now gained traction from the scientific and health research community. The synergy among CBD, CBG, and other hemp compounds in the MJCBD Immunity CBG CBD Gummies 600 mg set them apart from other commercial CBD gummies.
      • THC-free. These 600mg CBD gummies are THC-free! For those who are worried about getting high, these gummies won’t give off that effect when you take the right dosage.
    • Daytime Support. The MJCBD CBG CBD Gummies 600 mg definitely can be the light of your everyday life! We’ve made a unique blend that’s ideal for the needs of every go-getter that wants nothing but orderly and productive days. The 20 CBD Gummies 600mg will be enough to last you for days and weeks. And since we’ve left out THC, unwanted heightening effects can be avoided.
    • Flavorful Treats Every Day. Hoping to relax and navigate through the day with ease? It’s plain sailing with our organically and delicious flavors 600 mg CBD Gummies + CBG Gummies. The MJCBD Immunity Gummies’ flavor livens up with mixed berries—blackberry, strawberry, and blueberry.
      • Distinct Taste. Forgetting to take your supplements daily? We’ve all been there. Because of its fruity taste, taking the recommended dose daily is as easy as it gets. Every chew burst with an unforgettable experience; you won’t let it slip your mind.
  • No Unpleasant After-Taste. Worried that 600 mg CBD gummies will produce an earthy after-taste because of their all-natural property? You shouldn’t! Since CBG 15mg CBD 15mg Gummies are full-flavored, you don’t have to worry about the flowery or grassy after-taste and texture. The MJCBD experts have made sure that your experience is satisfactory from your first bite up to the last.
  • Resealable packaging. The THC-free CBG CBD gummies 600mg are packed in opaque resealable packaging designed and labeled properly compliant with FDA’s rules. Because they’re well-designed, optimal freshness and flexibility are promised.
      • Freshness is intact. MJCBD CBG CBD Gummies 600 mg stay fresh even to the last gummy you need to take. The reclosable package and desiccants help avoid light & air exposure and control the humidity that may degrade the quality of the powerful 600 mg CBD gummies. The palatability and chewiness don’t dissipate!
  • Safe and authentic. From seed to shelf, you can ensure that everything’s kept to the highest quality possible and are free of any contaminants. Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary shares the third-party lab results of ALL their hemp products, including the daytime 600mg CBD Gummies. Batch results are easily accessible on the website. (On the product label itself, a link where you can find it.) In MJCBD, the safety of consumers like you comes first!


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2 reviews for MJCBD CBD/CBG 600mg Gummies 20 ct (15mg/15mg) Mixed Berry – Immunity Gummies

  1. 4 out of 5


    It is very good that these gummies are THC-free, so I can safely eat them at any time of the day, at work and it does not affect it in any way, on the contrary, I feel more energy for work.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been using these gummies for a month now and I definitely feel an improvement in my mood, I have fewer obsessive thoughts, I’m less nervous and I do my work more efficiently. So this is my definite recommendation.

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CBD or cannabidiol is the main cannabinoid naturally found in the Cannabis sativa plant. Nowadays, it has been the most acknowledged compound in the hemp wellness industry because of its many potential benefits that are becoming clear as time passes. According to studies, CBD has the potential to ease pain, relieve anxiety and stress, and even manage sleep problems. CBD has also been approved as a drug in 2018, Epidiolex, to treat seizures in epilepsy patients. As suggested by MJCBD, the daily intake of just 15 mg of 600 mg CBD gummies (hemp bombs) —boosted with CBG—may be enough to start your journey to improve your overall wellness and to aid with other issues.

CBG or cannabigerol is often referred to as ‘the mother of all the cannabinoids’ because most of the cannabinoids are derived from its acidic form, CBGA. CBGs are quite special, as they are found only in small amounts of hemp plants. Higher CBG in younger Cannabis plants than the mature ones, to be exact. In preliminary studies, CBG is found to have the same potential as pure CBD in terms of its effect on pain and even bad bacteria. The THC-free CBD/CBG Gummies have been filled with the same composition as the CBD: 15mg of CBG. Together, these cannabinoids work inside your system to support you charge through the day.

There are equal parts of CBD and CBG in each gummy: 15 mg of CBD Oil and 15 mg of CBG. The Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary CBD + CBG Gummies in each pack of 20, therefore, contains 600mg of CBD + CBG all in all. That’s right, 20 servings. Enough to last for days and weeks. For every pop, you get to experience both worlds of CBG 15 mg gummies and CBD 15 mg gummies plus more beneficial hemp compounds. No need to add two different variants of hemp gummies to your morning routine. With MJCBD, you’re just going to need one. It’s truly a bang for the buck because of its unbeatable synergy!

The MJCBD 15 mg CBG + 15 mg CBD Gummies are mixed berry flavored. Getting the tastiness from organic berries like strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries, every time you chew CBG and CBD gummies—it’s a flavorful and berry-full burst in your mouth! The texture and juiciness that gushes from every bite is a whole fresh sensation MJCBD offers with these THC-free CBD CBG Gummies. We can assure you, there’s no earthy or grassy aftertaste that you usually get from hemp oil gummies. So, for those who are still wary of jumping on the CBD train (or the CBG train), these flavored MJCBD daytime gummy bears are the way to go!

The MJCBD CBG CBD 600 mg Gummies are perfect for any adult who wish to add something to their daytime routine. It is now possible for every American to benefit from the two powerful cannabinoids. And since they’re THC-free CBD and CBG gummies, one can easily enjoy them without worrying about a false positive from a random drug test. For the persistent professional, competitive athlete, the go-getting entrepreneur, and anyone really, the MJCBD CBG CBD 600mg Gummies are the perfect rush you need to get the day kicking.

  • Note: Pregnant women and children may not take hemp-derived gummies such as these. And if you plan to take these with your medications and other supplements, it’s recommended to consult your doctor first.
MJCBD CBD/CBG 600mg Gummies 20 ct (15mg/15mg) Mixed Berry - Immunity Gummies $34.99

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