Mary Jane’s Vegan Gummy Bears 250mg – 25ct

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MJCBD Vegan Bears Gummies 250mg (25ct)

Being healthy doesn’t mean shooing away from tasty treats! Say hello to the MJCBD CBD Vegan Gummy Bears, the newest addition to your wellness routine. Its distinct THC-free CBD-rich formulation, boosted with other hemp compounds, defines the potential of these CBD vitamins gummies. For those stressful days when you just need to relax, a gummy hemp infused with potent CBD is just what you need. A pack of Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary CBD vegan gummies contains 25 delectable gummy bears. That’s 250 mg of CBD waiting to set everything in motion inside your body, whether it be for helping with pain, sleep, or other health problems.

  • Take advantage of the CBD’s potential. CBD, the celebrated cannabinoid right now, has proven its capacity to be a budding therapeutic compound in health, wellness, and pharmaceutical products. So, in this latest CBD product, we’ve come up with a blend that can work perfectly well with anyone. With the MJCBD vegan gummies CBD 10mg, you’re getting enough CBD to help you manage daily stress and anxiety without dealing with any adverse reactions.
  • Enjoy CBD without having to deal with THC. Yes, since the vegan CBD gummies for sale by MJCBD are THC-free, getting high is now off your worries! The psychoactive compound was intentionally left out so that you and anyone—from professionals to athletes to busy parents—can guiltlessly consume CBD whenever you want. In addition, they’re more unlikely to show up in your drug test.
  • One gummy is all it takes. Dosing may differ from one person to another, as this will depend on your body mass, body composition, experience with Cannabis-derived products, lifestyle, and other more. For beginners, it’s recommended to take 1 gummy bear first and check your body reacts to it. And, with how many CBD Gummies are in a pack, it will surely last you for weeks! If you think you need more for one serving, then you may opt to gradually increase the amount of dosage. For some, it might make you feel more at ease if you ask your health practitioner’s advice on how you can incorporate these CBD gummy bears into your routine.
  • It’s time to give your senses a feast. What’s more exciting to start the day than taking in the CBD potential that comes in gummies shaped liked bears? Talk about nostalgia! We believe being mindful of your health shouldn’t compromise the experience. With the fruity flavor and chewy consistency, you may find some instant comfort by just chewing and biting into them. In addition, administering CBD as gummies is perfect for those who aren’t used to swallowing CBD capsules or can’t just stand the aftertaste of hemp CBD oils.
  • Safe and secure packaging is a must to make them last longer. The colorful MJCBD vegan fruit gummies are well-kept in resealable opaque plastic packaging. This is to not expose them to air, light, and heat that may greatly affect the makeup of the cannabinoid profile in the vegan CBD gummies. Every time you pop in a gummy, there’s an assurance that you get the maximum freshness and the most palatable texture. 

MJCBD is your one-stop shop for dependable CBD gummies. Every batch of the MJCBD CBD vegan gummy bears is submitted to an allowed independent laboratory for rigorous testing. Analysis of its cannabinoid profile (which dictates its potency), its freedom from impurities (e.g., microbes, heavy metals, etc.), and its susceptibility to negative factors (e.g., mold growth) is done to make sure you’re consuming a safe and effective CBD product that would last long. Certificates are easily accessible to everyone, so it’s easy for you to check their authenticity.


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1 review for Mary Jane’s Vegan Gummy Bears 250mg – 25ct

  1. 4 out of 5


    I finally found vegan gummies! I am very glad that there are brands that think about vegans. Just one gammies helps me relax and de-stress. MJCBD has a lot of vegan products and they are all cool and do the job perfectly!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mary Jane’s vegan CBD gummy bears are naturally hemp gummies infused with a sufficient amount of CBD. Keeping out the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, there are 10 mg of CBD plus other organic hemp compounds present in each vegan CBD gummy. Yes, there are only a few THC-free premium CBD gummies you’d find out there—and MJCBD was able to formulate the best cannabinoid profile who want to start their CBD journey, including vegans! Despite the name, know that these vegan CBD-infused gummies are also perfect for non-vegans. This is just to highlight one of its best features—having a great consistency and texture despite being gelatin-free!

There’s 250mg of CBD or cannabidiol in one pack of Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary Vegan CBD Gummy Bears. This means that with every gummy bear, you get 10 mg of CBD—enough to work its way into your system, interact with the endocannabinoid system, and likely produce the balance you need inside your body. The 10mg in each gummy is more than what’s in the average low-dose vegan gummy edibles sold in the market right now. After careful research and testing, Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary thinks this is the best CBD formula targeted for anyone who wants to take advantage of the magic the powerful cannabinoid CBD brings.

The CBD Gummies Vegan Bears is all about consistency and timeless impact on your body, lifestyle, and total way of life. When ingesting vegan CBD products, according to scientific data, one can expect to feel the effects of the CBD doing its thing for at least an hour or two. But note, this will depend on the CBD strength and the dosage you’re going to start with. For now, it’s safe to say that there may be no immediate effects when you take the vegan CBD gummies. But rest assured, with how potent each of the MJCBD CBD vegan gummy bears is, you’re likely piling up good nutrients in your system. Investing for your healthy future starts with a pop of just one of the CBD gummies vegan bears.

Mary Jane’s CBD Vegan Gummies are very much beginner-friendly. Whether you have experience with Cannabis, the experts at Mary Jane’s have designed CBD gummies vegan options that could help you ease your way into the wide-ranging world of CBD. With only 10mg of CBD per gummy, you can make sure vegan gummies CBD is potent enough to take effect even with the littlest recommended dose! When taken with a high-fat meal, the bioavailability of CBD vegan gummies even increases. There are 25 vegan CBD gummies in one pack, so if you’re a beginner who’s comfortable enough with the starting dosage, this MJCBD offering is a bang for the buck.

You can easily find vegan CBD gummies for sale in the physical stores and the official online store of Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary. MJCBD always aims to make its best vegan CBD gummies, CBD vegan edibles, vegan CBD oil, and other vegan CBD products accessible to everyone. There are now 26 physical stores (and more in the future) where you can check out vegan CBD gummy bears effortlessly. Check if your state has an MJCBD store nearby. If not, you may enjoy ordering those sweet CBD vegan edibles online! Fresh batches are delivered swiftly right to your doorstep. To note, for both purchase methods, only adults may purchase.

Mary Jane's Vegan Gummy Bears 250mg - 25ct $24.99

In stock

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