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The world of CBD continues to expand each and every day as we learn more about the substance and what it has to offer. This kind of rapid expansion brings a lot of new products that many customers may be unfamiliar with. While most people know about CBD oil, tinctures, and even edibles, not as many consumers are well-versed in the beauty of a CBD concentrate.

What is CBD Concentrate?

CBD concentrate is exactly how it sounds: it’s a concentrated form of cannabidiol. Experts will go through rigorous extraction techniques to remove plant materials from the hemp plant, leaving only the potent oils behind. From there, the extractors will then take extra purification measures to get the concentrate to be the texture they desire — this is how different CBD concentrates are made. As we’ll discuss in a moment, you’ll find CBD concentrates in many different forms.

All of this results in a super-pure, ultra-form of CBD that you can consume in a few ways. However, it’s important to keep in mind the potency of products like these: CBD concentrates are going to be much more concentrated and strong than your typical CBD product. CBD wax often contains incredibly high percentages of CBD, so be mindful of this when consuming.

CBD concentrate is good for various reasons, but many people turn to the substance because of its potency and quick results. When dabbed or inhaled, you’re going to experience the effects of the CBD almost immediately. And, when it is in a highly concentrated form like CBD wax is, these effects are going to hit you in whole new ways. Thus, those with chronic complications searching for a bit of relief may benefit remarkably from CBD concentrate wax.

What Does CBD Concentrate Look Like?

The way that CBD concentrate looks is going to depend on the type of concentrate you buy. There are so many different types of CBD concentrates on the market, from regular wax to shatter, sauce, crumble, rosin, diamonds, and more. Every one of these types of concentrates will have a unique texture and appearance to them, differentiating them from other CBD concentrates.

Here at Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary, we offer three different top-shelf CBD concentrate types: Diamond Wax and Terpsolate.

As the name suggests, our Diamond Wax is composed of a crystalline structure that will make you feel like you’re dabbing small gems. This kind of wax is highly sought after for its potency and terpene levels. However, nothing beats the terpene levels of our CBD Terpsolate.

While most cannabis products have terpene levels ranging from 1-3%, our CBD Terpsolate comes in with a whopping 90% CBD and 10% terpenes. This creates one of the most flavorful, full-bodied CBD experiences you’ve had yet. The appearance of this wax will be a bit more wax-like and viscous compared to the Diamond Wax.

Finally, our CBD Rosin boasts the classic rosin composition, looking a bit like thick honey. This kind of concentrate is very wax-like and easy to manipulate.

Of course, other types of CBD concentrates exist on the market, too! Shatter, for example, is so fragile and glass-like, it literally shatters when you put it on your dab tool.

If you come across a type you’re not familiar with, feel free to reach out to us or other cannabis experts to get the inside scoop on your favorite CBD concentrate.

Results of CBD Concentrate

As we mentioned, CBD concentrates are incredibly potent. They have some of the highest CBD levels of any CBD product, so they’re best for those who are experienced in the world of CBD or who need extra support.

The actual results of CBD concentrates will vary from person to person, of course. However, many people find that these products are ideal for promoting relaxation and relief. Likely, you may find yourself feeling more supported, at easte, and comfortable after a dab or two of CBD concentrate. However, others may find themselves feeling more focused and motivated — it simply depends!

The best way to determine the results of CBD concentrates for you is to purchase some for yourself and try them out! This way, you can experience the results firsthand and not have to wonder.

Do You Get High From Concentrated CBD?

When talking about concentrated cannabidiol, a lot of people have the same question: does it get you high?

No! Even though CBD concentrate wax is extremely potent, the cannabinoid still does not have the ability to bind to the receptors in the brain the same way that THC does. So, while you’ll experience strong supportive results, you are not going to feel any psychotropic effects nor intoxication.

However, even though you don’t get high from CBD concentrates, it’s still important to consider the cannabinoid’s potency when consuming, as consuming too much may result in negative side effects like nausea, fatigue, or anxiety. Always start with a low dose (like a crumb-sized dab) to see how the wax affects you and then you can go from there.

Who Should Buy CBD Concentrate For Sale?

CBD concentrate is a great option for most CBD consumers, though we wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. This is because these waxes are incredibly potent and will likely be too potent for beginner consumers. However, if you have chronic complications and are in need of some serious support, then CBD concentrates for sale are one of the best options.

CBD concentrates allow for a strong dose of CBD that goes throughout the entire body instantly. Thus, you’re able to experience relief and comfort immediately, and this can be wonderful for those who are in constant need of a break. For people like this, other CBD products simply may not be as strong as they need for their symptoms; so, concentrated CBD may be the way to go.

Experienced consumers in the CBD sphere also enjoy buying CBD concentrates for its potency. The longer you consume CBD, the more of a tolerance your body is going to build up to it. Thus, finding products with such high CBD levels can help bring a layer of relief that some experienced consumers may have thought they’d never feel again from cannabidiol.

If you have any lung complications or pre-existing conditions relating to the lungs, you should avoid CBD concentrates. While they are potent and incredibly helpful, they will be too harsh on the lung and pose potential health risks. Instead, it’s best to stick with products like CBD tinctures, oil, or edibles to get your dose of cannabidiol.

How to Enjoy CBD Concentrate Wax

When it comes to enjoying CBD concentrate wax, you can do this a few different ways. (Though, we will admit that some methods are much more effective than others.) Quickly, we’ll walk you through three of the most popular ways you can consume cannabidiol concentrate.


The first — and arguably the best — way to enjoy CBD concentrate wax is by dabbing. When you dab your wax, you’re putting it into a glass piece that is so hot, it literally vaporizes the wax as it touches it. This allows you to inhale pure CBD vapor right from your dab rig, creating a potent puff of CBD.

In order to dab, though, you’re going to need a few things. First and foremost, you’ll need a dab rig. This can be a regular glass rig or e-rig depending on your preferences. Along with that, you’ll need a dab tool, carb cap, and torch or torch lighter.

To dab, you’re going to take your dab tool and grab a small scoop of your CBD concentrate. (You want to start with a dab about the size of a crumb.) Then, put this to the side and begin heating up the nail (or banger) of your dab rig with your torch. This is the part of the rig that resembles a bowl-like piece. You’ll want to heat up the nail until it is literally red hot; once it gets there, turn off your torch and let your rig cool off for about 30 seconds. Now, it’s time to dab.

Put your mouth on the mouthpiece of your rig. Then, take your dab tool with your dab on the end and place the tool into the banger. Start inhaling while you swirl your dab tool around until the dab is no longer on the tool. Keep inhaling until you feel you’re finished; then, place the carb cap on top of your nail and exhale.

You’ve done it! That’s all it takes to vape your CBD concentrate. Don’t be alarmed if you feel a bit hot and start sweating after doing a dab — this is normal because of the high temperatures you’re burning the substance at.


If you’re lucky, you have your hands on a refillable vape pen that’s suitable for wax. If you have one of these products, then you can easily vape your CBD concentrate with little effort involved. All you’ve to do is use a dab tool to place a bit of your wax right on the heating element of your vape.

This is a great way to enjoy your CBD concentrates quickly, efficiently, and anywhere you go. Vape pens are 100% more portable than a dab rig, and they also heat the substance just as hot, so you’re not wasting any product.

On Flower

Some people choose to enjoy their CBD concentrate wax along with their hemp flower. To do this, they will either take a hemp pre-roll and wrap a thin string of wax around the paper. As they burn the pre-roll, the wax burns, too, giving you an added CBD experience on top of it all.

If you don’t have pre-rolls, you can also add some CBD diamonds or CBD shatter on top of your hemp bowls. Again, as you burn your bowl, you will also burn the concentrates and get their effects. But, to get the best results, you’re going to want to use a torch lighter instead of a regular lighter.

While these techniques do work, it’s important to note that this isn’t the most effective way of enjoying cannabidiol concentrates. This is because you’re not able to heat up the wax as hot as it should to fully burn and release the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Thus, you’re wasting potency in a sense. And, even if you use a torch lighter, then you are destroying the flower that’s underneath the wax, as flower shouldn’t be heated to that extreme amount, either.

Overall, we’d suggest sticking to dabbing or vaping your CBD concentrate wax for ultimate efficacy.

Where to Buy the Best CBD Concentrate For Sale

If you haven’t heard about CBD concentrates before, you may be wondering where you might find some for sale. Thankfully, Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary has you covered.

Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary offers a perfect selection of CBD concentrates of various types and strengths depending on what you’re looking for. Our online store is always stocked full of some of the most top-shelf CBD products on the market, allowing our customers to enjoy quality without breaking the bank. All of our concentrated cannabidiol is available at affordable prices, helping customers of all backgrounds enjoy the potency of these unique products.

We also have physical locations if you’re looking to purchase some of the best CBD concentrate for sale in person! You can check out our locations page to see if we are in a store near you.

Find Out if Concentrated CBD is Right For You At Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary

Are CBD concentrates the CBD product for you? You can find out today at Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary! Once you find a product you like, you’ll simply add it to the cart and our store will ship you your product in just a matter of days. No matter where you are in the United States, we guarantee that you’ll get your CBD product safe and sound — and in a timely fashion, too.

If you’re ready to experience the potency and novelty of CBD concentrates, head on over to Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary today. Soon, you’ll get to know just how unique these CBD products truly are.


What is CBD concentrate?

CBD (Cannabidiol) concentrate is a substance that requires further purification from hemp. It can be used for medicinal purposes and also as an additive in e-liquids.

What is CBD concentrate good for?

CBD concentrate is used for beneficial purposes. It contains a high concentration of CBD, which research has shown to have positive effects on people suffering from ache, inflammation, anxiety, and sleep problems.

How do I use CBD concentrate?

You can eat or vape CBD concentrates. When eaten, the effects will take longer to come up (about one hour) but last much longer (usually 6-8 hours). When vaped, the effects will take effect almost immediately but only last 1-4 hours.

Can you get high from CBD concentrate?

CBD does NOT and will not make you high. It has a very little binding affinity with the CB1 receptor, so will not have psychoactive effects as THC does.