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With the CBD industry booming, people are trying to ride the wave to what could be fortunes in the future. The CBD industry dollar estimations from experts and professionals keep on rising in the billions. It’s not hard to see why people want to jump on board of this cash crop.CBD & Sports: Why Athletes are Backing CBD | Mary Jane’s CBD: San Antonio, TX

Athletes and celebrities also want a piece of the CBD action. Athletes like Mike Tyson, Lamar Odom, John Isner, and countless others have entered the CBD industry. These have personally endorsed CBD brands or created the brands themselves.

The most recent headline about a pro athlete breaking into the CBD industry came on July 23rd, 2019. DEFY, a CBD drink company aimed at enhancing athletic performance announced that John Isner, a globally recognized tennis player, had partnered up.

CBD & Sports: Why Athletes are Backing CBD | Mary Jane’s CBD: San Antonio, TX

What is CBD 

CBD is the acronym for cannabinol. CBD is a one of the chemical properties out the many, like THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) found in cannabis and hemp. Experts have identified CBD to be the property in cannabis that has medicinal healing effects, without the intoxicating a user.

CBD & Sports: Why and How Athletes are using CBD | Mary Jane’s CBD: San Antonio, TX

CBD & Athletes

Athletes are always pushing their bodies to the max in order to compete at the level they do. All this wear and tear can have significant strains on the body. This is why recovery solutions for athletes is so important. Major sports organizations spend millions on the newest and most advanced ways to keep their plays in tip-top physical condition.

One of the reasons CBD has become a popular choice for athletes is because of reported claims of it decreasing pain, relaxing the body, reducing stress and anxiety, and alleviating many other ailments and conditions.

With CBD painted as a fast, easy, and natural solution, it’s an athlete’s dream come true.

John Isner & DEFY Partnership 

John Isner, has had an extensive and successful tennis career. After graduating Georgia University, he became a 5-time BB&T open champion and as of now is ranked the 15th (in some rankings 8th) among the greatest tennis players.

DEFY, the CBD performance drink company, was founded by Famer Terrell Davis (TD), a Pro Football Haller and Beau Wehrle, DEFY’s CEO. They aim to create a whole new kind of recovery drink tailored around CBD to increase athletic performance. Think of it as the Gatorade of CBD.

The company is focusing on improving recovery and who better to join forces with than an elite professional tennis player. TD and Isner are both fellow Georgia Alumni. Coincidence?

In the company’s official press release, Isner stated:

“I play a sport where taking a single point off can be the difference between winning and losing a match and DEFY is a product specifically intended to put me in a position to perform on every single point,”

“It’s been great getting to know DEFY as a company and I look forward to working with them to help people achieve improved performance through CBD.”

Founders TD and Beau Wehrle are extremely pleased with the partnership:

“It’s exciting to see CBD officially join pro tennis. We couldn’t be happier with such a phenomenal athlete like John (Isner). As professional athletes, all of us squeeze as much as we can out of performance and recovery and CBD is making a big impact for John,” stated TD.

Beau Wehrle, DEFY’s co-founder and CEO said “DEFY is leading the way in CBD for professional sports. We know its benefits, impact on recovery and the direct relation to improved performance. It’s exciting to see pro tennis take the next important step for improving the lives of athletes everywhere.”

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