Delta-8 VS CBD – Which Is Better?

CBD has become a household name lately. The compound, which is widely touted therapeutic for a range of health conditions, has found a home in many everyday products – including food, beverages, creams, and lotions.

With its many potential benefits, CBD has, to a large extend, stripped off a bulk of the criticism and stigmatization once associated with the cannabis plant about a decade ago.

But besides CBD – and THC, the high causing compound in cannabis – there are over a hundred more promising chemicals in cannabis. Research, so far, shows that each of these chemicals has its unique offers.

Among the lot, one worthy-of-mention compound in the marijuana plant is the Delta-8 compound.

As research and the resultant awareness about the Delta-8 compound increases, while many are lost as to how they can benefit from the compound, several others [users inclusive] have wrong impressions about the compound.

Quickly, let’s compare CBD and Delta-8 and see if any has better advantages over the other.

But, first…

What is Delta-8?  

Also called delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, Delta-8 is a naturally-occurring compound in the cannabis plant. The compound is found in little concentrations and is said to be a degraded form of Delta-9, popularly referred to as THC.

Delta-8 is formed when THC is stored for a long duration. Farmers and extractors use selective breeding, as well as molecular isolations, to develop high Delta-8.

Delta-8, research shows, may help manage concerns from poor appetite to anxiety, depression, and pain.

But being an ‘aftermath’ of the high-causing THC, Delta-8 might leave slight psychoactivity, but only about 10 percent of THC’s potency.

What is CBD? 

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, one of the predominant compounds in the cannabis plant. Just as with Delta-8 – and other compounds – CBD promises a good lot of health-promoting properties.

However, while too-high doses of delta-8 may get you slightly ‘stoned,’ CBD CAN’T get you high.

Differences Between CBD and Delta-8

  • Widespread Recognition

CBD has gained a more widespread reputation than Delta-8. CBD attracts so much research attention because of its abundant nature. More still, the studies show promising results.

On the other hand, Delta-8 is a relatively new discovering and has but a few research data – yet too insignificant to get as much attention as CBD.

  • Legality

The 2018 Farm Bill makes all industrial hemp and their byproducts legal federally. However, the bill defines legal CBD as one with less than .3 percent THC concentration.

So, while CBD is legal under federal law, Delta-8 is illegal except in select states with marijuana-friendly laws. THC’s stigmatization and legal barriers seem to still rub off, remarkably, on Delta-8.

  • Safety

WHO touts CBD as safe and well-tolerated. Besides, the CBD industry has adopted third-party-lab tests to regulate the increasing market and protect buyers’ interest. This test investigates claims and ingredients lists on CBD products’ labels.

For Delta-8, since research is still in its infancy, we can’t say much about its effect, yet. It’s also difficult to verify the claims and ingredients on their labels.

  • ‘High’ Potency

While Delta-8 can make you high, it offers but ten times less than the typical THC high.

CBD, and the other compounds in cannabis (save THC), won’t stone you.

  • Accessibility

Simply put – while CBD is practically everywhere, Delta-8 is scarce.


Wrap Up

CBD and Delta-8 offer their individual health benefits. But CBD seems a more preferred option because:

  • It’s non-intoxicating – even with extreme doses
  • It’s widely legal across the US and the world at large
  • CBD is found almost everywhere
  • CBD has more recognition and industry-established regulations for quality assurance

That said, before you settle for any option – whether CBD or THC – do well to consult a physician, preferably a cannabis-inclined doctor, for a more-tailored recommendation.


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