Holiday Gift Guide for CBD lovers

With the end of the year holidays close and as another season of Christmas falls upon us, one of the utmost things on most minds are presents for loved ones.

While ottoman cases and bottles of vintage wine are great presents, there is always something extra special for that CBD lover in your life. Unlike before, there are a whole lot of new and unique CBD products that will make the perfect present. From gummies and health bars, to salves and skincare products, it's now easier than ever to find CBD-infused gift packs for everyone in your life.

To help you on this quest, we have listed a few CBD gift ideas for you!

Body Care Products:

There are unlimited amount of CBD body care products that can serve as a show of love this season. Scented CBD oils, balms, Cool and Warm roll-ons etc. are a handful of products that can make the right impression. Consider this citrus-flavored Broad-spectrum CBD tincture from MJ dispensaries. A natural burst of CBD goodness with an extra sweet and tart, bright orangey flavor. This product is a high powered potency CBD and it can serve as the perfect gift alone or in combination with the Cool Roll-on or the Mary Jane's Blueberry Cotton Candy Vape.



Another way to show love is to gift someone any of a range of CBD edibles that offers the same goodness and wellness potentials as Broad Spectrum CBD oils. Munchies and gummies as well as other edibles are a fun and easy way for individuals to get their daily dose of CBD. They are ideal for people who do not like the traditional CBD taste or even people trying CBD for the first time. The MJ Awesome Gummies, Rainbow Bites, and the MJ Delta-8 Gummies 250MG would make for a great gift pack.


Wellness Products:

Overall, the main attraction to CBD is its wellness potentials, and there are a few products targeted at improving your overall healthy-wellbeing. Salves, CBD balms and Oils form the bulk of this product category. The range of scented CBD oils, soothing salves and balms helps not only to sooth aches and pains but to also help your body achieves some level of rejuvenation. The MJ Magic CBD Pain Cream 500mg is a potent example of CBD wellness that can serve as a holiday gift to a CBD lover dealing with pain conditions.



The list is not exhaustive. Besides the options stated above, you can also choose to combine all categories into a bumper bouquet for that loved one. However, it is important to note that it doesn’t matter what you pick, just give it with love.

Remember that’s the reason for the season!



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