How Is CBG Different From CBD?

For many, CBD and THC are the only useful compounds in the hemp plant. Wrong!

A reminder – while CBD is widely known for its potential therapeutic gains, THC offers similar benefits. However, the latter is responsible for the high linked to marijuana consumption.

Although CBD and THC are the predominant naturally-occurring chemical in hemp, research has exposed over 120 more compounds in the same hemp plant.

More intriguing, each of these compounds has its independent therapeutic potentials – just like THC and CBD.

Among these compounds, CBG has inspired a handful of researches, more so, with promising results.

Interestingly, although CBG occurs in minute concentration in the hemp plant, it is called ‘mother of all cannabinoids.’

Found in small amounts, research and study become somewhat challenging, as you’d need to extract a considerable quantity for successful analysis.

But what does existing data say about the compound? How does it differ from CBD? Is it better than CBD?

Read on to find out as we discuss how CBG differs from CBD.


Even though they both occur in the same plant, CBG and CBD are entirely different chemicals with their unique potentialities. Besides that they occur in marijuana and hemp, their extraction methods are alike and can be dosed similarly.

CBD – and other cannabinoids – are all products of Cannabigerol. CBG starts to occur at the baby stage of the cannabis plant. As the plant matures, the compound is transformed into the different cannabinoids – including CBD and THC. little wonder the nickname, “mother of cannabinoids.”

Hence, to get CBG, the hemp plant is harvested early, while CBD is found more abundantly at maturity.

For application, both CBD and CBG can be infused into carrier oils and other consumption forms.  View Mary Jane’s CBD products and CBG products.

As mentioned, unlike the predominant CBD, CBG is found in small amounts, which discouraged research. However, existing data suggest CBG, just like CBD, may offer great potentials in handling several health concerns.

As with other cannabinoids in hemp, CBG is sourced from hemp plant buds with CO2 or ethanol extraction method.

Following extraction, the CBG oil undergoes distillation to separate impurities and other unwanted plant matters to get our CBG. From here, the honey-like distillate product can be infused into different application options.

Side effects?

Just like CBD, there is yet no documented aftereffect of CBG dosage. However, extreme doses may leave users with minor effects, including

  • Dry mouth
  • Mild wooziness


Now you know – the hemp plant offers a hundred and twenty more cannabinoids than just CBD and THC.

Although CBG’s small occurring nature makes research somewhat tricky, existing evidence looks promising.

Considering CBG’s relative unavailability, it may be easier to enjoy its benefits as an entourage effect from a top-quality full spectrum or broad-spectrum oil containing all other marijuana compounds, including CGB.

However, before you begin CBG doses, do well to discuss with your healthcare provider.


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