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About the West End Neighborhood in Augusta, Georgia

West End is a thriving neighborhood in Augusta, Georgia. The area is home to a diverse mix of businesses, including restaurants, bars, retail shops, and offices. The neighborhood also features a variety of housing options, from apartments and condos to single-family homes. West End is conveniently located near downtown Augusta and the riverfront, making it a popular choice for young professionals and families alike. The area is known for its vibrant nightlife and lively atmosphere. In recent years, West End has undergone a transformation, with new businesses and developments breathing new life into the neighborhood. Today, West End is one of the most desirable places to visit in Augusta, Georgia.

Things to Do in West End

One of the best things to do in the West End is visit Meadow Garden. This beautiful garden was once the home of George Walton, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and it features a variety of native plants and flowers. Visitors can also take a walk through the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area, which is located just next to Meadow Garden. This canal was once used to power textile mills and is now a popular spot for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. Another great thing to do in the West End is visit Julian Smith Casino. This casino features a variety of table games as well as live entertainment. Visitors can also enjoy a meal at one of the casino’s restaurants or take a swim in the pool. Whatever you decide to do, you’re sure to have a great time in the West End!

Meadow Garden | 1320 Independence Drive, Augusta, Georgia 30901, United States

Meadow Garden is a historic house museum in Augusta, Georgia that was once the home of George Walton – one of the state’s three signers of the Declaration of Independence. The property includes the main house, outbuildings, and four acres of gardens that have been restored to their appearance during the early 19th century. Today, Meadow Garden is open to the public for tours and educational programs. Visitors can learn about the day-to-day life of early 19th-century Georgians and see how people of different social classes lived side by side. The property also holds a special place in American history as the site of two duels – one of which was fatal – and as a stop on the Underground Railroad. Meadow Garden is a must-see for anyone interested in Georgian history or early Americana.

Augusta Canal National Heritage Area | 1450 Greene Street #400, Augusta, Georgia 30901, United States

The Augusta Canal National Heritage Area is a park in Augusta, Georgia that features a fully intact industrial canal built in 1845. The canal is still used for hydroelectric power generation and water supply, and the park offers boat tours and fishing as well as hiking and biking trails. The heritage area also includes a museum that tells the story of the canal and its importance to the city of Augusta. The Augusta Canal is one of the only canals in the country that is still in use for its original purpose, and it is a vital part of the city’s history.

Julian Smith Casino | 2200 Broad Street, Augusta, Georgia 30904, United States

The Julian Smith Casino is one of the many gems managed by the Augusta Parks and Recreation Department. Situated on 1,500 acres of parkland, the Casino offers breathtaking views of the Savannah River and is perfect for hosting a wide range of events. Whether you’re looking for a venue for a wedding, reception, corporate event or other special occasion, the Casino is sure to make your event a memorable one. With its elegant ballroom, spacious grounds and convenient location, the Casino is quickly becoming one of Augusta’s most popular event venues. So if you’re looking for a unique and beautiful setting for your next event, be sure to check out the Julian Smith Casino.

Ubora Coffee Roasters | 1128 Jones Street, Augusta, Georgia 30901, United States

If you’re looking for an extraordinary cup of coffee, you need to check out Ubora Coffee Roasters. They use only the highest quality beans to ensure an exceptional flavor, and they’re dedicated to providing an amazing community coffee experience. Their goal is to bring people together and create long lasting relationships, and they achieve this by using only the best ingredients and striving for excellence in every cup. If you’re looking for a coffee shop that’s focused on community, Ubora is the place for you. Let them build an amazing coffee experience for you!

Living in West End

Churches and religious organizations are very prevalent in the West End. Churches of all denominations are represented, including Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Catholic. There are also Jewish and Muslim congregations. The community is very welcoming to people of all faiths, and there are many opportunities to get involved in interfaith dialogue and work. In addition to the numerous churches, there are also several private schools in West End. These schools offer a rigorous academic program as well as a wide range of extracurricular activities. There is also a great sense of community within the schools, and families often get involved in school events and activities. Overall, West End is a great place to visit for families of all backgrounds and faiths.

Grace Street Church of Christ | 120 Grace Street, Augusta, Georgia 30904, United States

The Grace Street Church of Christ in Augusta, Georgia is a nondenominational church that relies on the Bible for guidance. They believe that God is the creator, as outlined in the book of Genesis, and that the Bible was written by men who were inspired by Him. In their eyes, Jesus Christ is the Son of God and was sent to Earth to become mankind’s redeemer. As a result, they do not require or insist that you accept the opinions of man – instead, they encourage you to search the scriptures for yourself and receive guidance from the Lord. Whether you are looking for a new place of worship or simply trying to learn more about Christianity, the Grace Street Church of Christ is a great resource.

Crawford Avenue Baptist Church | 507 Crawford Avenue, Augusta, Georgia 30904, United States

Crawford Avenue Baptist Church has a mission to glorify God by making disciples who enjoy, live, and proclaim the Gospel. Since the merger, this mission has compelled the church to take several steps. They’ve renovated their gathering space, nursery, offices, and bathrooms, completing “phase-one” of facility renovations and bringing these areas up to date. They’ve hired new staff members and started several new ministries within the church and the larger community. And what excites them the most is that they’ve seen lives changed as people have come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The church looks forward to many more years of worshiping together and seeking to make an impact in their neighborhood, city, and world. There’s no limit to what God can do through a unified church with a mission to make disciples of all nations!

First Dayspring Baptist Church | 2170 Greene Street, Augusta, Georgia 30904, United States

If you’re looking for a church that feels like family, you’ll love First Dayspring Baptist Church in Augusta, Georgia. The minute you walk through the door, you’ll be welcomed with open arms by a community of incredible people who will make you feel right at home. No matter where you come from or what your story is, you’ll be accepted here just as you are. Whether you’re seeking a place to worship or simply looking for some friendly faces, First Dayspring Baptist Church is the perfect place for you.

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in West End

West End is home to Aqueduct Park, a popular spot for picnics and outdoor recreation. The park features a playground, a walking trail, and a wide-open field perfect for games of catch or frisbee. Aqueduct Park is also a great place to take your four-legged friend for a walk or hike; the Lake Olmstead Trailhead starts here and offers seven miles of scenic views. West End is also home to Westabou Montessori, a well-respected school that offers an educational experience focused on hands-on learning. The Curtis Baptist School is another great option for families with school-aged children; the school has a strong academic program and also offers extracurricular activities like basketball and soccer. Parks, schools, and other points of interest make West End a great place to visit.

Aqueduct Park | Augusta Levee Road, Augusta, Georgia 30904, United States

Aqueduct Park is a beautiful park located in Augusta, Georgia. The park features a 19th-century granite aqueduct, as well as a waterfall, swimming and rock climbing. Aqueduct Park is a great place to run, walk, hike, relax or play in the water. The park is also very dog friendly, and there is lots of wildlife to see and photograph. If you are looking for a place to enjoy the outdoors, Aqueduct Park is definitely worth a visit.

Lake Olmstead Trailhead | Augusta Canal Historic Trail, Augusta, Georgia 30904, United States

If you’re looking for a fun and safe place to take the family this weekend, look no further than the Lake Olmstead Trailhead Park in Augusta, Georgia. They’ll be setting up for music and BBQ, so there will be plenty of fun to be had. Plus, it’s a safe area to bring the family, so you can relax and enjoy your time together. So head on over to the Lake Olmstead Trailhead Park this weekend for some good food, good music, and good times!

Westabou Montessori School | 309 Crawford Avenue, Augusta, Georgia 30904, United States

Westabou Montessori School is a registered charitable nonprofit organization that is committed to increasing access to world class Montessori education for families most in need. The school is located in Augusta, Georgia and their mission is to provide a transformative community for young children where they actively engage their bodies, minds, and wills to become the best versions of themselves. 

The school is diverse and deliberately inclusive with respect to ethnic background, socio economic status, capacity, beliefs, and family composition. They believe that by providing a balance in the classroom with respect to age, gender,and capacity, each child has the opportunity to develop his/her fullest potential. 

The school offers a loving and nurturing environment where your child will be in great hands. If you are looking for an inclusive and diverse community where your child can thrive, then Westabou Montessori School is the right place for you!

Curtis Baptist School | 1326 Broad Street, Augusta, Georgia 30901, United States

Curtis Baptist School is a private 1A Christian high school located in Augusta, Georgia, United States. With more than 300 students in the elementary, middle, and high school combined, Curtis Baptist provides an education rooted in Christian principles for students of all backgrounds. The school colors are red and white, and the school mascot is “Curtis the Crusader.” At Curtis Baptist School, they believe that every student has the potential to succeed. They admit students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin, and biological gender to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. They do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national and ethnic origin in the administration of their educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletics, and other school-administered programs. Their goal is to provide a well-rounded education that prepares their students for success in college and beyond.

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