The Absolute Top 10 Best Smoke Shop Kansas City, Missouri

We know finding the Best Smoke Shop in Kansas City, Missouri can be a daunting task, so we gathered this amazingly detailed list of the best of the best so you can make your choice wisely.  Each location has a large variety of products you should be aware of, from those with a massive selection of amazing Delta 8 products to those that specialize in CBD gummies, creams, edibles and even chocolates!  This list of amazing locations is ever-changing and expanding, so please check back often. If you find another location that should be listed here – or one that should be removed – please let us know!

Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary – Smoke & Vape Shop Barry Road

15 NW Barry Road suite 15, Kansas City, Missouri 64155, United States, (816) 255-2935

About: Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary – Smoke & Vape Shop Barry Rd is the top Tobacco shop in Kansas City, Missouri. Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary is part of the fast-growing chain of CBD Dispensaries specializing in providing only the highest quality CBD oil products that have been thoroughly lab tested and meet their high standards of quality. Come see why Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary on Barry Rd is the highest-rated Cannabis shop conveniently located just off North Oak Trafficway (between North Broadway and North Main Street) near Highway 169! Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary specializes in the industry’s best brands and has led the industry standard in sales of CBD by dominating in product innovation and customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for a high-quality Cannabis Store, look no further!

Products: All tobacco products, Delta 8, accessories, CBD products such as creams, hemp flower, vapes, gummies, oils, pets, natural beauty creams, and lotions.

Who is a Perfect Candidate: People who want alternatives to harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

It’s A Dream Smoke Shop 

3942 Broadway Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri 64111, United States, (816)753-5733

About: Since 2008, It’s A Dream in Kansas City, Missouri, has been providing services to the region. They are one of the area’s most well-known businesses due to their devoted consumers, who encourage their friends to come to discover and have fun with them on multiple occasions each week. One visit to It’s A Dream will demonstrate that their environment is friendly and comfortable and that the staff is professional and skilled.

A well-lit and clean shop provides you with a pleasant shopping experience, making you feel as if you could spend the rest of your life here. Why wouldn’t you want to visit It’s A Dream Smoke Shop, Kansas City’s largest vape store and glass gallery, where you go above and by today above to provide every customer with the best possible experience? Stop and see what we mean!

Products: Glass, Vapes, Extracts, and Enfuse,  Coals and Screens, Hoses and Grommets, bowls and cases, parts and pieces.

Who is the perfect candidate: People who are interested in trying something new and unique. People seeking a more social way to smoke. People who wish to quit smoking but find it difficult to do so.

Exotic KC Vape N Smoke Shop | CBD & Kratom Store

3919 Broadway Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri 64111, United States, (816) 503-6442

About: Exotic Kc is a huge smoke shop in Westport, Kansas City, Missouri, that provides a unique experience to all of its customers. We offer products that are preferred and useful over other local smoke shops’ limitless selections of glass, shisha, E-Juice, Mods, and vaporizers because we have a large range of items. We provide competitive pricing with excellent customer service. Check out Exotic Kc – the biggest secret treasure in Westport!

Products: E-Juice, Mods, Vaporizers, Glass Pipes, Kratom & Tobacco accessories. They specialized in all things glass, Vaporizers & E-Juice. They also carry huge variety of Kratom.

Who is the Perfect Candidate: People who enjoy smoking cigarettes, People who want to unwind and relax, and people that like the flavor and smell of tobacco.

OG Smoke Shop

3527 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64111, United States, (816) 298-7390

About: OG Smoke Shop Kansas City has everything you could need and more when it comes to smoking accessories! Dry herb vaporizers – Glass bubblers for all your dabs needs- Dabbing supplies so that process goes smoothly without any hassle or wasted product in sight; they even carry hookahs if having an evening cocktail at home sounds like fun (hint hint). Stop by today before this deal ends too quickly because there are only limited quantities available while stocks last.

Products: Dry herb vaporizers, Glass bubblers, Dabbing supplies, Hookahs, delta 8 THC products.

Who is the  Perfect Candidate: People who are considering giving up cigarettes and turning to e-cigarettes. People looking for a cost-effective way to quit smoking. People seeking an alternative to expensive tobacco products.

Main Smoke KC | Kratom & CBD | Vape Shop

3429 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64111, United States, (816) 756- 2646

About: They provide the most trusted vape shop in Kansas City, Main Smoke Shop. The KC region is at the heart of our business and includes Westport, Midtown, Downtown, South Kansas City, North Kansas City,’ Lenexa, Shawnee, Leesummit, and the rest of Kansas City!

They’re open every day of the week, including Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., in this difficult time and will continue to do our best to serve you with anything vapers may want. At Main Smoke Shop, they only offer the latest and greatest products on the market. With hardware from SMOK, Aspire, Vaporesso, Uwell, Innokin, Joyetech, Wismec, Eleaf, and more, they have what you need to take your vaping experience to the next level.

Product: Dabbers, Vapors, Hookah Heads, Lookah, HB King, Clover Glass, Dank Glass, Smok, Pax, Kanger, iJoy, Raw. 

Who is a Perfect Candidate: People who enjoy smoking cigarettes, People who wish to unwind and unwind., People who appreciate the flavor and smell of tobacco.


KC Smoke & Vape

1605 Westport Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64111, United States, (816) 931-4434

About: Since we started back in 1995, they have constantly evolved. They strive each day to improve and to serve you better. They have a basic belief: they aren’t here to sell you anything, but rather to assist you. When you arrive at the office, one of the things they want to understand is what issue you’re having and how we might be able to help. If you simply want something and are in a hurry, sure, they’ll assist with that.

 Keep in mind that they are professionals at what they do. They notice which goods have issues and where they’re going. Customers tell us how pleased they are with something that we suggested, and they hear the success tales from happy consumers who return to share how much they love it. They’ve been carefully trained through an in-house training program, and they’re always here to lend a hand.

Product: Tobacco and other legal smoking herbs such as damiana, wild lettuce, mugwort, and industrial hemp flower.

Who is a Perfect Candidate: People who want to reduce their nicotine intake.

Happy Rock Smoke Shop

334 NE 72nd Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64118, United States 

About: Originally founded in March of 2015, Rock Smoke Shop is a family-owned and managed company. Since 1999, we’ve called Kansas City home. We’ve been in the business for more than ten years, and we try to give our clients with the greatest natural health treatments available. The shop provides a range of CBD and Kratom products, as well as a variety of other health-related services. Teir mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services available. They’re dedicated to offering our customers the best possible shopping experience, and we hope that you’ll visit us soon.

Product: All kinds of tobacco products. Salt nics, Hookah, Vapes, and DETOX SOLUTIONS.

Who is the perfect candidate: People who want alternatives to harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

The Hub 3 Smoke Shop 

2631 NE Vivion Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64119, United States, (816) 492-5466

About: The Hub 3 Smoke shop is about finding the most excellent quality glass available! They sell more than simply glass; we also sell vape juice and accessories. Come by and see us!

The Hub 3 is the best place to find top-quality glass pipes and bongs. We also carry a wide variety of vape juice and accessories, so come by and check us out! Whether you’re a longtime smoker or just starting.

Product: Tobaccos, pipes, vapor and e-cigarette goods, hookahs, cigars, cigarettes, and other smoking accessories of the utmost quality.

Who is a Perfect Candidate: People who like to smoke tobacco, People who want to unwind and relax, and people who appreciate the flavor and smell of tobacco.

Let’s Vape & Smoke Shop KC

3745 Broadway Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri 64111, United States (816)

About: Let’s Vape & Smoke is a Kansas City-based store that sells premium E-Liquids, vaporizers, and Handcrafted water pipes. They also have the greatest selection of Kratom in Kansas City. They sell Hookah and shisha, concentrate pens, dab pens, vape pens, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, and dab rigs. They also have a rewards program where you can get discounts on your next purchase.

Product: Vape Shop & Electronic Cigarettes, Cigar, Cigarette & Tobacco Dealers, Pipes & Smokers Articles, and Tobacco.

Who is a Perfect Candidate: Person who is enthusiastic about smoking and enjoys trying new things. Has a discerning taste and can distinguish the finer elements of each tobacco blend or flavor.

Discount Smokes 

5730 NE Antioch Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64119, United States (816) 459-4840

About: They are a privately held firm that sells tobacco, cigar accessories, liquor, beer, and wine. Since 1992, we’ve been in operation as a discount smoke shop.

Their business model is based on providing positive customer experiences and delivering quality products at reasonable costs in a timely manner. We will do everything we can to make sure that our customers are treated as family, that they are always right, and that their needs come first. We try to provide the finest pricing, experiences, and selection for our clients.

Product: Tobacco, Accessories, Liquor, Wine & Beer.

Who is a Perfect Candidate: People who are looking for a new way to enjoy their tobacco. People who want to relax and unwind with a tobacco product.

Are you Looking for An Amazing Tobacco Shop?

When it comes to purchasing quality tobacco and vape products, you always want to make sure the products you are receiving come from a reputable source like Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary Smoke & Vape Shop. The main reason for picking products like this is to ensure quality and not receive any ineffective and/or potentially harmful products.  With locations across several states to serve you and our convenient online store, when you shop with Mary Jane’s you know you will only get the best Tobacco and CBD products on the market today.


In order to answer this question, we have compiled a list of the top 10 smoke shop Kansas city. Here you can find a smoke shop on every corner of Kansas city, for every pocket, and with the most diverse selection of goods. Check out the best stores in our article from the MJCBDD experts.

All smoke shop Kansas city has a fairly large assortment of a wide variety of products. In their assortment, you can find CBD flowers, Vapes, vape juices, CBD oils, bongs, pipes, and various smoking accessories. For more information, read the article and visit the smoke shop Kansas city websites.

Of course. When you read our article, you will find shops where you can find unique and rare smoking products. You will be able to find a product that will benefit you and at the same time demonstrate your uniqueness through its appearance. Browse the list and find something new for yourself.

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