Will My CBD Oil Expire?

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This guide will teach you about storing your oil, whether it's made from hemp or marijuana. Plus, we'll tell you what to look for when purchasing a bottle of CBD oil and how long it lasts!

Here are Signs of expired CBD Oil and what the Expiration Date means

  • CBD oils that have been expired for over two years are most likely going to be oxidized and will produce a harsher taste when used as an additive in food products. When it comes to CBD concentrates like tinctures or e-liquids, the high level of alcohol content can cause these types of products to expire sooner than oils because they're exposed to more oxygen each time you open them. If you notice any other changes in flavor, color, thickness or smell: chances are it's past its expiration date!
  • It's not as easy to determine an expiration date for CBD oil because there are no specific standards or guidelines for the product just yet. That said, manufacturers usually place a best by tag on their products that indicate when it expires – and this is true of most food items you find in your grocery store too! The thing about these tags is they're based on what might be considered “best before” dates rather than definite expiry ones like with drugs or vitamins. So while using expired CBD oils won't hurt you, the potency may decrease over time due to decreased effectiveness caused by oxidation and other factors (which we'll get into). This means if you've had something sitting around longer than its recommended shelf life: toss it!
  • CBD oil has only been popularized recently as many Americans are now looking for natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals like pain medication or anti-inflammatories. It's also proven effective at combating anxiety – which some argue may even be better than alcohol because there aren't any side effects from long-term use.
  • Cloudy or has sediment at bottom -If not mixed well with water -Bottle is dried out/excessively sticky (a sign that oxygen has been introduced) -Stronger than usual taste when used as an additive in food products like salad dressing or other dishes where oils are utilized -Tinctures have developed a bad flavor, most likely because they've oxidized from high alcohol content exposure over time and will produce a harsher taste when used -CBD e-liquids have developed a bad flavor, most likely because they've oxidized from high alcohol content exposure over time and will produce a harsher taste when used.
  • What the Expiration Date Means: The expiration date is not something that has been established yet for CBD oil. “Best before” dates are usually what manufacturers use to indicate how long their products last, but these terms aren't always interchangeable with “expiry.” That said, it's important you don't wait until it expires before using your CBD product because its potency could decrease as oxidation causes decreased effectiveness of the solution. If you're unsure about whether or not an expired batch is safe to consume without knowing if there are additives like alcohol, it's best to err on the side of caution and discard.

We want to help you make an informed decision about CBD oil and whether or not it is worth buying. If the expiration date says that your product will expire in a year, what does this mean? Is your CBD going to be good for another six months? Or are you better off throwing it out after one use? What if there’s no expiration date on the bottle, how do we know when our CBD should expire?

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