5 Questions to Ask Before Buying CBD Online

We all love CBD. Whether it’s gummies, oils, salves, balms or sweet snacks, there is a product for everyone.

But, as it is with the common saying not to judge a book by its cover… the same applies to CBD. With CBD, you would have to look past the colorful, fancy packaging for some real information we would be showing you down in the article.

So, for those who worry about what to look out for when buying CBD online, this article is for you.

The CBD Market

Just to put this in perspective.

Due to lack of legal frameworks governing the industry, the CBD market is a largely unregulated one. And because of very loose regulations, you are sure to find both the real deals and posters who would want to sell products that are not fit for human consumption.

So, how do you know which product is good enough for your money? We have listed a few tips in this article to point you in the right direction when buying CBD online.

1.  Third-Party Lab Testing Results

A lack of regulations is a big problem in the industry, and to win customers trust, credible CBD companies like us, Maryjane CBD subject our products to testing by renowned third party laboratories.

These tests are conducted to determine the quantity of each constituent elements, the efficacy and true nature of the product. And as it is the acceptable practice, we share the information with you the buying client.

When buying CBD online, ensure that the manufacturer is able to share the lab test result and read through it carefully to determine if it fits what you desire. Most credible companies would have no problem with sharing their lab test results, and so, if you find one who doesn’t have any or is refusing to share theirs, I would suggest you move away from such products and their manufacturers.

2.  Full Spectrum, Isolate or Broad Spectrum

This is as important as the test results. Depending on which you choose, you can determine what you are consuming. Full spectrum contains all the nutrients and derivatives you would find in the hemp plant including THC. Now, if you have no problem consuming THC, then this sort of product would be right for you.

But, for those who would not want to consume THC, you can either choose from either the isolate (pure CBD only) or a broad spectrum product which contains much of the derivatives and constituents but without the THC.

Credible manufacturers often label their products correctly and this should be seen boldly written on the packaging.

3.  Where the Hemp is Farmed

While this criteria isn’t as serious as the first 2, it is equally important. American grown hemps are some of the finest and products made from such hemps offer the best value for money. Credible manufacturers should be bold to state where their hemp is gotten from.

4.  Is it Organic

CBD is an agricultural product. If you’re worried about whether your kale is organic, you should take the same approach with CBD. Currently the USDA has been slow to label hemp farms organic, so the only way to tell if your product is actually organic is to study the lab results.

5.  Proper Labeling

Hemp products should be labeled properly, stating all the ingredients it contains. Some of the key Ingredients to look out for are the CBD per serving, any additives, minerals or nutrients. Credible companies make this information public and on the packaging.

Final Thought

Even with federal restrictions on the consumption of cannabis still in place, many individuals, researchers and doctors agree that cannabis is very efficacious and potent as a natural therapeutic substance for wellness and health.

But as you should know, in an unregulated market as this, you should exercise a bit of caution and tact when making CBD purchases online or in shops.  View all of Mary Jane's CBD products online.



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