My Experience Using Delta-8

In the cannabis circles, there is a new frontier of cannabis medicine that is attracting much more than a curious interest – Delta-8. Delta-8 CBD oil is a naturally occurring cannabis derivative that is touted to offer enormous benefits that far outweighs those of THC.

Several users have described the feeling of using Delta-8 as smooth, without any paranoia or anxiety. So, to bring to you a better understanding of this new variant of CBD, we would be taking a closer look into what it entails and the experiences of individuals who have tried it.


Delta-8 is a minor cannabinoid, meaning it naturally occurs in cannabis plants in only very small amounts. In fact, it is not even directly produced by the enzymes in the cannabis plant, instead it is a byproduct of the degradation of THC (popularly known as Delta 9 THC, the dominant form in most marijuana) when stored for a long period of time.

Delta-8 is very similar to THC. Recall that THC is very potent and can be highly beneficial for therapeutic uses, but for its psychoactive side effects. It is the tendency for psychoactivity that has caused regulatory bodies around the world to maintain a ban on the substance. But, reason a substance with the same therapeutic benefits as THC without the “high.” Now, that’s why Delta-8 is causing a rave!

Because Delta-8 only manifests through the degradation process of THC, there isn’t enough quantity to satisfy its demand. However, farmers and scientists are working on developing strains that would produce more Delta-8 during the degradation process of THC.

Longer Lasting Effects: Many have described Delta-8 as having a longer lasting effect, a weaker “high” and a “clear-headed” feeling when consumed. It is said to offer a more comfortable and relaxed feeling with a clearer focus which is quite unlike what you would experience with THC.

Increased Focus and Energy: With CBD and THC, many have complained that their effects aren’t very balanced but that complaint does not exist for Delta-8. In fact, one of the alluring benefits of Delta-8 is its clear focus, calming effect and an energy flow that has been described as natural.

Lower Psychoactive Potency: Of course, this is one of the most endearing properties of the substance. Users have reported an almost perfect clean experience devoid of any form of paranoia or anxiety.

Great for Daytime Use, Bad for Nighttime: If sleep is what you seek, then I would suggest you stay off Delta-8 CBD products if the reports of a vast majority of users are anything to go by. Most users have complained that while it gives them a sense of clarity, it takes away their sleep and in some extreme cases, it messes up their sleep cycle.

High Potency, Quicker Effects: Almost all users agree that this compound has a higher Potency and bioavailability than CBD and THC. Also, many claim that the substance hits much quicker than any other they have tried.


As cannabis medicine continues to evolve, it is only natural for more substances with better stability and efficacy to become known. Delta-8 sits comfortably at the frontier of such discovery as it has the potential to treat specific ailments quicker and easier – one of the goals of the industry.

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