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Vaping products have been all over the news lately due to the harmful batches that have made their way into consumer’s hands.

This has left many people nervous about purchasing vape products containing either CBD or THC.

CBD Store: Quality Vape Products | Mary Jane’s San Antonio

There have been numerous incidents lately about teens and adults who have been hospitalized after vaping.

This is a huge blow to all of the credible CBD stores out there who are playing by the rules and providing quality products to their customers.

The cannabis movement is in it’s infancy and already has numerous struggles to overcome in both commercial and political areas without this hassle.

How Can Consumers Stay Safe?

As of now, it might feel freaky to purchase another vape product. However, there are still many CBD shops and brands that carry reputable products.

This wave of fake vape products has been produced by individuals who are looking to take advantage of the CBD industry’s hard work.

With the popularity of CBD products at an all-time high, counterfeit’s see the opportunity and are exploiting it.

Individuals are copying products that look identical to the legitimate CBD dispensary’s brands. They even copy the packaging of popular companies to help boost their sales through the real company’s brand recognition.

The worst part is that innocent consumer and credible CBD stores are the ones who suffer while these individuals profit and hide behind closed doors.

The good news is CBD companies that are facing these counterfeit issues are releasing frequent updates and how to spot fake vape products that are on the market.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is working hard to pass regulations and weave out CBD stores, brands, and products that are hazardous off the market.

CBD Near Me & The Different Types of Products

If you live or are visiting San Antonio, Texas come stop by! We offer an array of products that have many reported health and wellness benefits.

If you are still a little pushed away from vapes at the moment or don’t like inhaling the vapor in general, there are a plethora of CBD products that may fit your lifestyle needs such as:

Each product form is designed to offer different types of benefits to certain demographics. For example, creams are great for people who suffer from ailments like arthritis. This is because creams don’t need to be ingested or inhaled and can be used for fast and targeted pain relief.

Products like edibles offer a more bodily feeling and a different set of effects that are felt more internal than external.

CBD hemp products are definitely something that requires trial and error. It takes time to find the right product form and brand that fits your lifestyle. Just make sure you find CBD stores that carry reputable products and offer lab results.

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