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With CBD (cannabidiol) on the rise, it seems that everywhere you turn you can’t help but see the natural remedy being sold or mentioned. 

People have become fascinated with CBD because of the reported natural health and wellness benefits without intoxicating a user as traditional cannabis would.

In a world with pharmaceutical drugs that can cause unwanted side effects, who wouldn’t want to give CBD a try? 

CBD Near Me: How to Pick the Right Dispensary?

How to Pick the Right CBD Store

One day, hopefully, we will live in a world where you can walk into stores and pick-up CBD products to help with the applicable conditions that it has been known to help treat.

However, the reality is much further from that. With the lack of regulations, rapid changes in the market, and bad quality products entering the hands of consumers, much of the CBD industry mimics the Wild West era in the United States. 

Harmful or low-quality products can easily enter the market because of the lack of knowledge, regulations, and criminal profiteers.

This is why picking the right CBD shop is crucial.

Credible CBD stores and dispensaries are similar to trusted retailers like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc.

For the most part, you probably trust the products sold at large retailers. These retailers typically have strict standards when letting a product or brand join their portfolio. This ensures customer safety and satisfaction, which leads to overall brand trust. 

This is the same principle for CBD shops and dispensaries. Credible CBD stores select and offer high-quality and lab-tested products to be sold. This is why it is much better to buy CBD products you are interested in trying from legitimate sources rather than places such as gas stations.

It probably goes without mentioning, but clearly, there’s a big gap between trusted CBD stores and stores like CVS. This is another reason why CBD products have begun selling at large retailers such as CVS and Walgreens. The need for quality, lab-tested products is huge. 

The main takeaway from this article is to always do your homework on CBD. Whether it be products, brands, or dispensaries, never take the chance with your health.

CBD Shop’s with Lab Testing

The last point we’ll touch on is lab-testing. Again, research and lab-tests are your best friends when it comes to cannabidiol. Lab testing can really separate CBD stores from one another, because of the extra process involved for the shop.

CBD Near Me: How to Pick the Right Dispensary?

Normally, stores like gas stations won’t offer lab-testing because they don’t have it. Places like this are normally after one thing, your money. 

Here at Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary, we don’t mess around when it comes to lab testing. We provide the lab results for every product we sell. Recently, we were even mentioned in the news because we are one of the few places to offer lab-tests in our areas.

Ultimately, just be safe out there in this Wild West world of CBD!



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