Cooking with CBD

The motivation for this write up came from one of the questions I receive regularly from readers. The person asked; “Can I cook with CBD oil?”

At first, I laughed really hard but on second thought, I reasoned that not only is the question a valid one, but there are plenty of others who might be thinking the same. I needed to write about it!

You see CBD oil is quite unlike most oils you must have tried in your cooking experiments. While it is possible to cook with CBD, there are a few rules to follow to achieve the best results and I have outlined them below.

Keep it simple

When you consider cooking with CBD oil, kindly leave out your prized tincture; there are plenty of cost effective, organically grown oils on the market to suit your cooking need. Pre-infused oils are often the right candidates for this sort of venture and they not only taste great but they won’t cost an arm. Pre-infused oils are regular seed oils that have been infused with organic hemp oils. Examples include: Hemp Infused Olive Oil, Hemp canola oil, etc.

One thing to note though, ensure you buy only from reputable manufacturers to side step the danger of buying adulterated products or those which are not organic.

Be wary of heat

Too much heat would cause CBD to become less effective and can ruin you food by giving it a strange very bitter taste. Several experts suggest that CBD oil or even flowers in the case of baking should be added as the last recipe to the meal.

If you are baking with CBD flowers, ensure you turn down the oven to low heat and allow time do it’s magic. If CBD oil is your thing, it is more ideal to apply it at the end of your cooking cycle or in the case of cakes, they go better when mixed with the icing.

Watch what you consume it with

This is not to say you shouldn’t go all out with trying new ideas but, it is important to pay mind to what works with and what doesn’t work with CBD. Alcohol for instance is a bad mix with CBD. There are also some medications that can cause adverse reactions once they interact with cannabinoids. It is very important to let guest know you cooked with CBD if you would be inviting to eat.

So, now you've got it! Go explore, cook and conquer.



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