How CBD Can Help with Your Pet’s Allergies

Growing evidence suggests CBD may be therapeutic for several health concerns.

In fact, early reports from dog-based research think CBD oil may come in handy for a range of veterinary concerns, from an epileptic seizure to arthritis, pain, and allergic reactions.

But not many are aware that CBD oil can be as therapeutic to pets as they are perceived to be to man. Little wonder, then, that CBD oil and other infused products are common items in pet shops.

Reading on, this article unveils CBD’s effect, particularly for your pet’s allergies.

Allergies in Pets

If you’ve always thought allergies are exclusive to humans, think again. Those itching, swelling, and discomfort you notice in your dogs could be allergic reactions.

Two factors usually cause allergies:

  • Environmental factors
  • Food

Environmental Allergies

These are caused by allergens, including flea bites, pollen, dust, mites, etc. These allergies are often seasonal. Common symptoms include itchy face, paws, stomach, arms, legs, and skin.


Your pets can react to what they eat, just like you do. Food allergy symptoms are similar to allergies triggered by environmental factors. Typical symptoms of food allergy include flaky skin, diarrhea, body rashes, excessive sneezing, vomiting, swelling, running eyes, continuous licking of a particular spot, etc

How can CBD help alleviate pet allergies?

CBD can serve as an immunity booster, help your dog fight certain poor health conditions, and stop your immunity from triggering allergic reactions.

Besides these, here are some other ways CBD can help your dog handle allergies

Reduced Inflammation

A 2012 research found CBD may help curb skin itchiness and promote healing. CBD may also bring relief to allergic reactions by managing inflammation and, in turn, discomfort in pets.

Relieves Pain

Canine allergies usually come with skin swelling and soreness, which may cause different levels of pain and discomfort. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties also come handily here.

General Comfort

As CBD soothes allergy-elated pains, it gives your dog relief and, in turn, all-round comfort. CBD’s effect helps numb the pain from allergic symptoms.

How do I administer CBD to my pet?

Truthfully, administering CBD to your pooch can be somewhat tricky. This is because CBD oil has no particularly canine-appealing aroma.

To increase your chances, you may mix the oil in your dog’s regular meal. Better still, consider CBD-infused treats that appeal to practically every pet’s taste buds.

Take Away

Canine allergies can be one of the worse experience for pet parents. Thankfully, CBD contains several properties that can help ease these allergic reactions and make your pet feel healthier and more comfortable.

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