How to Use CBD After a Workout

CBD has gained good traction in the health and fitness niche.

Reports from ongoing research backed by anecdotal testimonies say CBD may help speed up the recovery process between exercises. It may also speed up the healing process after an injury.

No wonder grade-athletes in the NBA, NFL, UFC, and NHL use CBD supplements. CBD’s fast-delivery potency allows athletes to get back to training soon enough.

Reading on, you’d discover why some athletes can swear to CBD’s effects for post-workout recovery and quick healing for injuries.

Based on findings, here are typical ways CBD can help your workout recovery.

CBD Relaxes Your Muscles

Muscle tension is a key symptom of Delayed-onset Muscle Soreness(DOMS.)

When an injury occurs, muscle tension around the affected spot may worsen the pain. This makes muscle-relaxants a common prescription for workout recovery or injuries. Valium, a benzodiazepine drug, is a typical example.

When consumed, muscle relaxants interact with the GABA receptors responsible for muscle relaxation.

Sadly, depression, sedation, dizziness, confusion, trembling are common adverse effects of these prescriptions.

Thankfully, researchers perceive CBD (and other compounds in the hemp plant) may trigger the same effects as benzodiazepines – but this time, without any significant reactions.

Relieves Muscle Pain

Both scientific and anecdotal evidence believe CBD may be a high-potent pain-killer. This effect may be highly desirable for post-exercise recovery and muscle injury. Less pain translates to quicker recovery and improved comfort, particularly after workouts.

Relaxes Inflammation

Here’s the best thing CBD can do for your muscle recovery process. While applying ice to inflamed areas is common practice to reduce inflammation, CBD seems more promising for the same condition.

Improves Sleep

At sleep, the body undergoes muscle recovery. Hence, recovery proves is faster when we sleep. At sleep;

  • Damaged proteins like actin, troponin, and myosin are restored
  • Cellular debris is removed from damaged spots.
  • Lactic acid is converted to glucose in the liver
  • Boost stem cell differentiation into new muscle fibers

Sativex, a therapeutic preparation, has shown great potency to influence sleep quality and duration – a great plus for sportspeople.

A related study has shown that CBD isolate may produce a similar effect on rats. The authors report that CBD may increase total sleep hours as well as reduce sleep prep time.

Wrap Up

CBD has shown to be a great aid, particularly among athletes. The compound is said to handle pain, muscle soreness, injuries, and related concerns common with workouts. This makes CBD a great plus to your post-workout regime.

For your best bet, go for quality CBD products.


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