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CBD has been popping up all across the US recently. It seems like CBD can be found pretty much everywhere. Stores such gas stations, coffee shops, corner stores, retail stores, and many other places are carrying the stuff.

Mary Jane's CBD Dispensary: Savannah, GA

The CBD craze has been in part due to cannabis legalization taking place across the US and other countries as well. Due to the spread of legalization, it has opened up a whole new understanding of cannabis. We still have much to learn about this extremely versatile plant, but we have made strides since the last half-century. One of these recent understandings pertains to CBD.

For starters, CBD stands for cannabinol and is one out of many cannabinoids. Scientists believe there are over one hundred cannabinoids in cannabis plants. Another popular cannabinoid is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the property that gets you “high.” This brings us to also another reason why CBD is so popular, it’s because CBD that is derived from hemp doesn’t get you “high.”

There are many different forms of CBD. Some of the most popular forms are flower, edibles, oils, and vape cartridges. Each form of CBD has it’s own unique benefits. For example, vape cartridges are great because they are quick and easy to use, discrete, and aren’t as harsh and damaging as smoking cannabis.

As great as cartridges are, not all of them are created equally. There have been cartridges that have been pulled off of the market for containing harmful ingredients. When selecting a vape cartage, checking the brand reputation is great first step.

Our Experience

Recently, one of our staff members had the chance to test out one of our vape cartridges. He tried out our, ‘Mary Jane’s Grapefruit Kush Cartridge.’ The cartridge contained 250mg of full spectrum CBD oil. The cartridge was attached to a Leaf Buddi Vape Pen.

The following is his experience and thoughts on the product:

“This was actually my first experience trying a CBD vape pen. I have tried a THC vape pen before while traveling in California. So, I was pretty excited to try this one out.

I have tried other CBD products before like CBD edibles and CBD water. I’ve had mixed results with certain CBD gummy brands. However, I was a big fan of the CBD water I tried. Within around thirty minutes after drinking it, I felt my anxiety decrease and felt all around calmer.

I’m not a big vaper in general, but I was excited to try our Mary Jane’s cartridges due to all the positive reviews from customers.

I took my first puff at around 10:45 am. I had already had my morning coffee and some breakfast, and was ready to get the day rolling, no pun intended. After a few minutes passed, I took a few more drags on the pen.

11 am: I started feeling a relaxing tingle throughout my body.

11:30 am: I am well into my work while feeling relaxed. I don’t feel drowsy or intoxicated at all. The relaxing tingle is fading, but I still feel calm.

12:00 pm: Still feeling sharp and alert, while feeling relaxed. It’s an interesting mix.

12:30 pm: I had a snack between 12 – 12:30. The tingle has completely left, but I still feel calm and now a little sleepy, but that was probably because of the snack.

This basically sums up my experience during the day after using the vape cartridge multiple times. Overall, it was a nice and mellow feeling. I didn’t feel out of focus or less alert. I mainly just felt calmer and overall relaxed during the peak while performing work tasks. I would highly recommend this product to a first-time CBD user because of the simplicity and smoothness of consumption.

Where to Get CBD Vape Cartridges

Many smoke shops and certain stores that sell CBD hemp products usually carry vape pens and vape cartridges. Just make sure to only purchase cartridges from reputable brands with good track records to ensure quality.





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