CBD Smoker. What does smoking CBD feel like?

Cannabis legalization is growing every day. With legalization growing, a wave of new CBD products, laws, companies, trends, and much more are clashing together all at once. 

For example, CBD, short for cannabinol, has become a very popular topic. The news and media are constantly reporting updates surrounding it’s every move.

How I Felt After Smoking a CBD Joint | Mary Jane’s CBD: Savannah, GA

The reasons for CBD’s popularity are due to it’s medicinal, yet non-intoxicating properties. CBD doesn’t make a user feel “stoned,” like traditional cannabis plant does. It is also legal in all 50 states due the 2018 Farm Bill. 

CBD is great for users who want a natural remedy packed with wellness properties.

There are a ton of CBD products out there. Yet, one product, in particular, is really neat if you still want that traditional cannabis experience, CBD Hemp Pre-rolls.

I was lucky enough to try out one of these pre-rolls, here’s how my experience went.

My Experience

I had three pre-rolled joints to choose from before embarking on my journey. Juicy Fruit, Fiona, and Chardonnay. All of them smelled delicious. 

I decided to be classy and go with a nice Chardonnay Pre-roll. I was excited because this was my first time smoking a CBD joint.

How I Felt After Smoking a CBD Joint | Mary Jane’s CBD: Savannah, GA

While traveling in California, I was exposed to the cannabis culture out there and was able to smoke a cannabis joint containing high amounts of THC. I knew the experience would be similar, just without the “high.”

Even though I knew smoke CBD flower or smoke CBD oil doesn’t get you “stoned.” The look and smell of the joint brought me right back to California when I about to try a THC filled joint.

After I popped open the container the pre-roll comes in, the delectable aroma of Chardonnay filled my room.

I began lighting the CBD joint and took a few small drags to get started. Once the joint was well lit, I took some heavier drags.

The first thing I noticed is how it tasted and smelled just like the THC packed joint.

Since the pre-rolls are somewhat small, I smoked about half of it. Within about five to ten minutes, I felt a nice calming sensation throughout my body.

I went back to work not feeling impaired in any way. After an hour, I noticed the calming sensation began to wear off for me.


So, it has now been a few hours since smoking my first CBD Pre-roll. Overall, my experience was nice and pretty much what I thought it would be. I smoked about half of the joint and felt a nice calming sensation for about an hour. I wasn’t impaired in any way and was able to function while working normally.

This experience was similar to my first CBD Vape Pen experience, except a little harsher on the throat and lungs. The effects were very similar.



I would suggest these CBD pre-rolls to anyone who loves the traditional methods of consuming cannabis, like smoking weed. If you are a cannabis enthusiast, then you will feel right at home with these bad boys.

If you do not normally cannabis smoke and aren’t a cannabis enthusiast, then I wouldn’t recommend the CBD Pre-rolls for you. I would recommend something more like CBD edibles, CBD oils (CBD oil tinctures), or topicals. You will receive the benefits but without the harshness on your lungs that is caused by smoking CBD flower or vaping, like CBD vape juice.

Furthermore, if you live or work around people who are not comfortable with the smell of smoke or cannabis sativa, these pre-rolls might also not be for you. I smelled like cannabis before and after smoking these, which wasn’t a problem, but it would have been if I needed to attend a professional event or setting.

In my opinion, these CBD Pre-rolls are more for a fun movie night in your home or something of this nature.

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What does smoking CBD do?

CBD has been shown to have many potential health benefits, including reducing anxiety and inflammation. Some people smoke CBD to reap these benefits. If you’re looking for a relaxing way to consume CBD, smoking may be the right choice for you.

What does CBD smoking feel like?

CBD smokers report different experiences, but most say that it’s relaxing and satisfying. Some people find that it helps them to focus, while others enjoy the sense of calm it provides. CBD smokers often report feeling less anxious and more alert.

How much CBD should you smoke in a day?

There is no definitive answer, as everyone will react differently to CBD. It’s best to start with a small dose and increase gradually until you find the level that works best for you.

Is smoking CBD addictive?

Smoking CBD is not addictive. CBD smokers should moderate their smoking habits to avoid developing a dependency. So, while smoking CBD is not addictive, it is still important to use caution and only consume as much as is necessary.

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