Incorporate CBD into your holidays | Mary Jane’s San Antonio

The holiday season has arrived, it be can bring mixed feelings, depending on your situation. Some people love the holidays while others dread them.

Christmas goodies

You may love the holidays for meeting up with family and friends, participating in activities and events, and all of the other great things that come along with the holidays.

Or you may dislike the holidays due to the hectic travel plans, work stress, weather delays, and other negative associations people may have with the holidays.

No matter which side you’re on, CBD, properly known as cannabidiol, can help improve your holidays.

CBD has been reported to have many health and wellness benefits that help with common conditions such as pain, stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and much more.

Here’s how cannabidiol could help improve your holiday season:


CBD for Travel

Traveling can be hectic, whether it be driving, flying, or whatever method you choose. CBD can lessen the stress that can come along with traveling. 

If you have a long trip ahead of you, taking some CBD has been said to help induce relaxation, making it easier to unwind and/or fall asleep.

Not to mention, some people get anxious when traveling, CBD has been reported to help lower anxiety.  

Suitcase filled with clothes

You'll want to make sure you carry your receipts for your purchases to prove that the products you bought contain CBD derived from hemp, and are not marijuana-based products.

These days, it’s hard for authorities to tell the difference between regular marijuana and CBD hemp products. This is why carrying proof purchases should be a must when traveling to avoid any unwanted situations.


Stress at Work During the Holidays 

Depending on your career or job, you might be working during the holidays. If you work during this season, you already know just how hectic it can be.  

Stress is a very real thing, and work can sometimes bring a lot of it. Unfortunately, some people turn to more harmful substances like alcohol to unwind and take a break. 

man with his face in his hand due to stress

However, this can sometimes worsen your current situation. CBD might be worth a try when you or someone you know is stressed out during the holidays.


CBD & Weather

Sometimes the weather outside this time of year can be brutal. Depending on your location, your holiday season could mean being bunkered down during cold fronts and/or snowy periods. These periods can be a pain due to the complications that cold weather brings. 

Man skiing down a moutain

If you live in areas where is snows, you know that plowing snow can be a tiresome job, leading to soreness and fatigue. CBD is reported to help with pain relief and is said to be great for post strenuous and labor-intensive activities.

On the flip side, for fun winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding, CBD might also be your best friend. If you’ve ever done either of these activities, you know how much energy you exert. 

After a long day of skiing, it’s not uncommon to wake up with extremely sore legs and other body parts depending on your movements. CBD can help with recovery to help you get back on the slopes. 


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