Top 10 Best Smoke Shops in Jacksonville, Florida

We know finding the Best Smoke Shop Jacksonville FL, Florida can be a real pain in the neck, so we put together this detailed list of the best of the best so you can make your choice wisely.  Each location has a large variety of products you should be aware of, from those with a massive selection of amazing Delta 8 products to those that specialize in CBD gummies and chocolates!  This list of amazing locations is ever-changing and expanding, so please check back often. If you find another location that should be listed here – or one that should be removed – please let us know!

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1. Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary – Smoke & Vape Shop Crystal Springs | 11043 Crystal Springs Rd, Suite 4, Jacksonville, FL 32221, (904) 683-7043

About: Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary – Smoke & Vape Shop Crystal Springs is the top Tobacco shop in Jacksonville, Florida. Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary is part of the fast-growing chain of CBD Dispensaries specializing in providing only the highest quality CBD oil products that have been thoroughly lab tested and meet their high standards of quality. Come see why Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary on Crystal Springs Road is the highest-rated Cannabis shop conveniently located just off Highway 10 on Crystal Springs Road (between Chaffee Road S and Chaffee Point Blvd)! Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary specializes in the industry’s best brands and has led the industry standard in sales of CBD by dominating in product innovation and customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for a high-quality Cannabis Store, look no further! Mary Jane’s CBD is absolutely wonderful Smoke Store.

Products: All tobacco products, Delta 8, accessories, CBD products such as creams, hemp flowers, vapes, gummies, oils, pets, natural beauty creams, and lotions.

Who is a Perfect Candidate: People who want alternatives to harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

2. SmokeBucks Smoke & Vape Shop  | 5044 Blanding Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32210, United States

About: Jacksonville, Florida’s SmokeBucks Smoke & Vape Shop is a locally owned and operated company that can be found in a very visible and convenient location. SmokeBucks is also known as “SmokeBucks.” They want to make it as easy as possible for their clients to gain access to one-of-a-kind and up-to-date product pricing information that will make it possible for everyone to afford what they are looking to purchase. They offer products of the highest quality at the most competitive pricing in the marketplace. The question should be answered given all of this, in addition to the outstanding customer service offered in their store.

Products: Vape Supplies, Water pipes, Hand Pipes, Kratom and CBD, Hookah and Shisha, Premium Cigars, Glass Art , Tobacco and Accessories, Delta 8, Puff bars and Salt Nic devices

Who is Perfect Candidate: Someone who is looking for an alternative to traditional tobacco products, hookah and cigars are a great way to enjoy your smoking experience while still getting the nicotine fix you crave.

3. Crown smoke shop | 1523 Chaffee Rd S, Jacksonville, FL 32221, United States

About: Crown smoke store is a famous place for smokers in Jacksonville, FL. The business sells a large range of products and accessories for smoking, in addition to a selection of goods from a range of other categories. Crown tobacco shop is also recognized for its pleasant and experienced employees, who are always happy to help customers locate the appropriate product for their requirements. The Crown Smoke Shop is an excellent location to satisfy all of your smoking requirements, and the staff is more than willing to assist you in any way they can.

Products: Disposable vapes, Delta and CBD products, They also have a variety of glass water pipes, hand pipes, concentration water pipes for your smoking pleasure and a variety of e-liquids, salt-nicotine e-liquids, and vaping devices. In addition, they have Kratom! There are numerous items available.

Who is the Perfect Candidate: People who are of legal smoking age and individuals who enjoy smoking tobacco or other plant-based material. People who are looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes. And, people who are looking for a way to relax and unwind.

4. Smokers Workshop | 12961 N Main St STE 204, Jacksonville, FL 32218, United States

About: Smokers Workshop is a family-owned business that provides the best smoking products in Jacksonville since 2012. With two years of success so far, they have an extensive list of happy customers who look forward to giving them their input on future product choices!

Products: They offer complete instructions for everything that they sell so you’ll know how to use your equipment, liquids and smokes the right way! Featuring brands like Caterpillar, Driptonix, Aspire, Good Times and Zippo. They have a wide range of inventory on display with lots of custom blended tobacco or vapor blends.

Who is the Perfect Candidate: People who want to try this experience but don’t know how to start. Also, for intermediate users who wants to experiment other flavors.

5. FLA Smoke Shop  | 850 Cassat Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32205, United States

About: FLA Smoke Shop is a locally owned smoke shop in Jacksonville, Florida. They carry specialty glass pipes, vaping products, loose tobacco and rolling products, Hookahs and accessories, Kratom, CBD products and much more.  They also have a wide selection of tobacco products, including hookah tobacco, rolling tobacco, and more.They take great pride in giving their clients the very best possible experience, and they provide a wide range of services to ensure that all of their customers’ needs are met. In addition to that, they provide their customers with a loyalty program that enables them to save money on their subsequent purchases. 

Products: They provide unique glass pipes, vaping items, loose tobacco and rolling supplies. Hookahs and accessories, Kratom, and CBD products, among many more.

Who is the Perfect Candidate: People who are looking for a unique smoking experience. Loose tobacco and rolling enthusiasts

6.  Smokey Beach Vape & Smoke Shop 2 | 879 Stockton St, Jacksonville, FL 32204, United States

About: In the Jacksonville, Florida area, Smokey Beach is the best location to go to purchase all of your smoking and vaporizing accessories. They stock a comprehensive variety of different goods. They have everything you need, regardless of whether you are a seasoned smoker or just starting out. Their team is always delighted to assist you in locating the item that best meets your requirements and is known to be both courteous and knowledgeable.

Products: They provide you vapor and electronic cigarette items of the highest quality, in addition to hookahs, tobaccos, cigars, cigarettes, and other smoking accessories related to tobacco.

Who is the Perfect Candidate: The perfect candidate for a vaping device is somebody who is looking to quit smoking, or somebody who wants to try out different flavors of tobacco. Loose tobacco is a great way to enjoy tobacco without having to smoke it, and it can be used to experiment with different flavors of tobacco.

7. Up In Smoke and Vape Shop | 3622 St Johns Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32205, United States

About: Your one-stop destination for everything pertaining to vaping, Up In Smoke and Vape Shop is here to serve you. They have an extensive inventory of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, mods, and accessories, and their headquarters are in Jacksonville, Florida. They are able to assist you in locating the ideal product for your requirements, regardless of whether this is your first time vaping or you are a seasoned smoker trying to make the switch to vaping. They provide courteous and knowledgeable customer service, and their pricing is consistently among the most affordable in the industry.

Products:  They carry an array of tobacco pipes and accessories, hookah tobacco and accessories, water pipes, CBD, Kratom, e-cigarettes, e-liquid, vaporizers and so much more.

Who is the Perfect Candidate: A new smoker who is looking for a starter kit, an experienced smoker who is looking to try new products. A vaporizer user who is looking for new flavors or brands and someone who wants to quit smoking and is looking for alternatives.

8. Vape Valley Smoke Shop  | 14021 Mt Pleasant Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32225, United States

About: The Vape Valley is a smoking business located in Jacksonville, Florida. They provide a military discount, a loyalty program, and a large selection of tobacco goods, pipes, and vape devices, and think that excellent customer service and knowledgeable personnel are the keys to a satisfying shopping experience. They founded the business to supply the community with tobacco products and accessories. They anticipate expanding their business in order to continue serving Jacksonville and the neighboring areas. They would like to personally encourage you to visit their store today, where their educated team will meet you with great service and demonstrate their incredible assortment of tobacco, vape items, pipes, and more!

Products: Vape, Glass, Hookah, CBD, Cigars, E-Juice, E-Cigarettes and other Accessories

Who is the Perfect Candidate: The perfect candidate is someone who is looking for an opportunity to get into the vaping, glass, hookah, cigar, and/or e-juice industry. -The perfect candidate is also someone who has a creative mind and enjoys working with their hands.

9. Smoke-N-Vape  | 6733 103rd St, Jacksonville, FL 32210, United States

About: In the city of Jacksonville, Florida, there is a vape shop known as Smoke-N-Vape. They provide not only a comprehensive selection of vaping products and e-liquids but also knowledgeable guidance on all aspects of the vaping experience. At Smoke-N-Vape, they have everything a customer could possibly require to make the most of their time spent vaping, regardless of their level of familiarity with the hobby. In addition to that, they provide a diverse selection of CBD items that can assist you in unwinding and relaxing. Smoke-N-Vape is the place to go if you’re seeking for a place that can fulfill all of your vaping requirements under one roof.

Products: They have a huge variety of premium e-liquid and starter kits, CBD, box mods and all e-cigarette accessories. Starbuzz, fumari, haze, fantasia, hydro, al fakher, more than 10 different kinds of charcoal. They also have a big collection of hookah accessories at a very competitive prices and a convenient location. 

Who is the Perfect Candidate: People who are looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes, People who want to save money by switching to vaping, People who enjoy trying new flavors and products

10. MEGA SMOKE SHOP 2  | 7083 Collins Rd #101, Jacksonville, FL 32244, United States

About: MEGA SMOKE SHOP 2 is a company that is owned and operated by a family, and it specializes in the retail sale of smoking materials such as tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, and pipes, as well as accessories such as hookahs, vape devices, electronic cigarettes, and CBD. Their address at the moment is 7083 Collins Rd. # 101 in Jacksonville, Florida. Their shop is open 24 hours a day. They provide a large selection of products at reasonable pricing, and their staff is always accessible to answer any questions that you might have about the products or the company. Visit MEGA SMOKE SHOP 2 right away and have a look at the products they have available.

Products: They sell smoking materials such as tobacco, Delta 8, cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. As well as accessories such as hookahs, vape devices, electronic cigarettes, and CBD.

Who is the Perfect CandidatePeople who enjoy smoking cigars or pipes. People who use tobacco products recreationally and those people who use tobacco products for medicinal purposes

Are you Looking for An Amazing Tobacco Shop?

When it comes to purchasing quality tobacco and vape products, you always want to make sure the products you are receiving come from a reputable source like Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary Smoke & Vape Shop. The main reason for picking products like this is to ensure quality and not receive any ineffective and/or potentially harmful products.  With locations across several states to serve you and our convenient online store, when you shop with Mary Jane’s you know you will only get the best Tobacco and CBD products on the market today.


What places do you recommend in Jacksonville, Florida?

You can find on our website a list of the top 10 tobacco shops located in Jacksonville, Florida. Our list will include shops for smoking and vaping, shops with CBD products, and also shops with bongs and other devices for smoking or vaping. For more information, read our article.

Are there stores on this list that specialize in selling CBD products?

Of course. In our article, you can find the addresses of stores such as Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary, which can help you find the right product that will contain CBD, Delta 8 or hemp flowers. Our staff will be able to help you choose the best product for you.

Is it possible to buy tobacco accessories in your store?

Of course, in this list you will find many places where you can buy tobacco accessories and much more for comfortable vaping or smoking. The best accessories for any financial level. We are always ready to advise you on the best option.

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