Want to Absorb More CBD? Put Drops Under Your Tongue

There are several ways to consume CBD if you are just starting out with it. You can ingest it, inhale it, apply it on your skin or place it under your tongue. While all of these ways would still allow you benefit from the effects of the substance, all of them do not have the same impact nor would they react with the body the same way.

With CBD, there are two key points to consider; Bioavailability and Absorption rate.

  1. Bioavailability simply refers to the amount of the substance that would be available to your body when you consume it. You see, there are some chemicals and enzymes that interact negatively with CBD, causing it to lose its potency. The enzymes in the mouth and gut are perfect example. When these enzymes meet with CBD in these parts of your body, they attack it, making it lose some of its potency. So, depending on the quantity you must have consumed, there may be little or none left to reach your blood stream.
  2. Absorption rate refers to the time it takes CBD to reach your blood stream or interact with the closest cannabinoid receptors in your body. It is the measure of the effective time taken for the substance to start providing relief for the body.

Here is Why You Should Use Drops under the Tongue

In all the methods of consuming CBD, none offers the best bioavailability and absorption rate as placing it under your tongue.

With other methods, there are plenty of obstacles. Like we have mentioned above, when CBD is ingested, it has to contend with the enzymes in the mouth and gut, and these causes it to lose some of its potency while taking a longer time to reach it desired destination – the bloodstream. When it is applied to the skin, very rarely does it get to the bloodstream. It is content with finding and interacting with cannabinoid receptors within close proximity.

Inhaling it, is the only closest method to placing it under the tongue (fancy name: sublingually) in terms of bioavailability and absorption rate, but it has some downsides. Not all persons are open to smoking. Also, the inherent danger in the act is a valid reason for most people to turn down this method.

Applying CBD Sublingually

This is a fancy way to say you apply CBD under the tongue. This method offers the most bioavailability and the quickest absorption rates due to a network of blood vessels that run under the mucus membrane in the mouth. This causes CBD to bypass the digestive system, reaching the bloodstream directly and more quickly.

Now you know it! Taking CBD under the tongue is the best way to get the best value.  Mary Jane's CBD has the highest quality tinctures, which taste great too. 


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