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About Austin, Texas And Our CBD Gummy Shop

Austin is the capital city of Texas, as well as the seat and largest city of Travis County, which extends into Hays and Williamson counties. It was founded on December 27, 1839. It is the 11th most populous city in the United States, the fourth most populous city in Texas, the second-most populous state capital city, and the most populous state capital that is not also the most populous city in its state. Austin had an estimated population of 964,177 in 2021, up from 961,855 in the 2020 census which makes a perfect spot for our CBD gummy shop!


Austin is situated in a distinct, narrow transitional zone between the dry deserts of the American Southwest and the lush, green, more humid regions of the American Southeast. Its climate, topography, and vegetation are influenced by both. According to the Köppen climate classification, Austin has a humid subtropical climate. Long, very hot summers, short, mild winters, and warm to hot spring and fall seasons characterize this climate. Austin receives 34.32 inches (872 mm) of annual rainfall, which is distributed fairly evenly throughout the year, with the wettest months being spring and fall. Sunshine is abundant throughout the year, accounting for 2,650 hours, or 60.3% of the total possible.


Austin, the contiguous 48 states’ southernmost state capital, is located in Central Texas on the Colorado River. Austin is situated 146 miles (230 kilometers) northwest of Houston, 182 miles (290 kilometers) south of Dallas, and 74 miles (120 kilometers) northeast of San Antonio.

Austin has a total land area of 305.1 square miles (790.1 km2). Water covers approximately 7.2 square miles (18.6 km2) of this area. Austin is located on the Colorado River at the foot of the Balcones Escarpment, with three artificial lakes within city limits: Lady Bird Lake (formerly known as Town Lake), Lake Austin (both created by dams along the Colorado River), and Lake Walter E. Long, which is partly used for cooling water for the Decker Power Plant. The city includes the Mansfield Dam and the foot of Lake Travis. The Colorado River flows through Lady Bird Lake, Lake Austin, and Lake Travis.

Cuisine And Breweries:

Austin is most famous for its Texas barbecue and Tex-Mex cuisine. Franklin Barbecue is perhaps Austin’s most well-known barbecue restaurant; the restaurant has consistently sold out of brisket since its inception. Breakfast tacos and queso are popular food items in the city; Austin is sometimes referred to as the “home of the breakfast taco.” Kolaches, a popular pastry in Austin bakeries, are a result of Texas’ large Czech and German immigrant populations. The Oasis Restaurant is Texas’ largest outdoor restaurant, promoting itself as the “Sunset Capital of Texas” with its terraced views of Lake Travis. P. Terry’s, an Austin-based fast food burger chain, has a devoted following among the city’s residents. Amy’s Ice Creams, Bush’s Chicken, Chuy’s, DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks, and Schlotzky’s are some other Austin-based chain restaurants.

Austin also has a large number of food trucks, with 1,256 in operation in 2016. Austin has the second-highest number of food trucks per capita in the country. “Fareground,” Austin’s first food hall, features a number of Austin-based food vendors as well as a bar on the ground level and courtyard of One Congress Plaza.

Why Visit Austin? Top 3 Fun Things To Do In Austin, Texas

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting destination to visit, then look no further than Austin, Texas. There are countless things to do in this vibrant city, from exploring its lively music scene to indulging in its amazing food. Here are just three of the top fun things to do in Austin.

Visit Zilker Park

Address: 2207 Lou Neff Road, Austin, Texas 78746, United States

Zilker Metropolitan Park is a recreational area in south Austin, Texas, located at the confluence of Barton Creek and the Colorado River, with over 350 acres (142 ha) of publicly owned land. It is named after its founder, Andrew Jackson Zilker, who gave the city the land in 1917. During the 1930s Great Depression, the land was developed into a park. Today, the park serves as a hub for many recreational activities, including the hike and bike trail that runs alongside Lady Bird Lake. The park’s size makes it suitable for large-scale events like the Austin City Limits Music Festival and the Zilker Park Kite Festival. In 1997, the park was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Quick History:

In the 1830s, the land surrounding Barton Springs was claimed by its namesake, William Barton, for his cattle ranch. It was purchased in the 1860s by the Rabb family, who ran mills on Barton Creek. Andrew Jackson Zilker purchased a 350-acre plot of land between the Colorado River and Barton Creek, including the Springs, in the early twentieth century and used the spring water in his ice-making business. In 1917, 1923, and 1931, Zilker sold his land to the City of Austin in a series of sales, donating the proceeds to a trust dedicated to funding Austin’s public schools.

In the 1930s, the city transformed the ranch into a public recreation area, constructing park amenities and buildings with assistance from the Civil Works Administration. The Barton Springs Pool now has a concrete dam and a larger swimming area. The park was renamed Zilker Metropolitan Park after its donor and patron in 1934.


The park includes a variety of public attractions in addition to general-purpose lawns, sports fields, cross-country courses, historical markers, concession stands, and picnic areas. The Zilker Botanical Garden, located near the park’s center, has several independently maintained gardens and hosts the Zilker Gardens Festival every spring.

The Austin Nature & Science Center features ecological exhibits, nature hike trails, and educational programming for children. The Umlauf Sculpture Garden adjoins the park’s southeast end, displaying works by artist Charles Umlauf and others. Local theater companies perform regularly at the Zilker Hillside Theater, including free “Shakespeare in the Park” performances in May and an annual summer musical. Barton Springs Pool, which is adjacent to the park on the east, provides public swimming; other water activities are available in Barton Creek.

Exhibits about the natural history of the Edwards Aquifer, which feeds Barton Springs, are available at the Beverly S. Sheffield Education Center near Barton Springs Pool. The 155-foot Zilker Holiday Tree is illuminated each winter, along with a Trail of Lights display. The Zilker Zephyr 12 inch gauge miniature railway transports visitors around the park.

The park’s amenities and large open spaces enable it to host a variety of large events throughout the year. The Austin City Limits Music Festival, which takes place over two weekends in the fall, fills the park with numerous live musical performances by well-known artists.

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Be Fascinated In George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center

Address: 1165 Angelina Street, Austin, Texas 78702, United States

The George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center, located in east Austin, Texas, is a museum and cultural center housed in the former George Washington Carver branch of the Austin Public Library. The facility, named after George Washington Carver, has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 2005.


The small wood-frame structure was built on the corner of Ninth and Guadalupe Streets in 1926. When it was replaced by a larger stone structure in 1933, it was relocated to the town’s east side, on Angelina Street, to serve the African-American community. For many years, it was known as the “Colored Branch,” but in 1947, it was renamed the George Washington Carver Library in honor of the famous inventor and scientist. 

The library served African-Americans and others in the community until 1979, when it was replaced by a new, modern library building next door. Work on converting the building into a cultural center began at that time. The museum first opened on October 24, 1980, and in 2001, it was expanded with a new facility. In 2005, the original colonial revival style building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Juneteenth Memorial Monument:

The permanent exhibits at the George Washington Carver Museum, Cultural, and Genealogy Center revolve around the Juneteenth Exhibit. Visitors can learn about the importance of freedom to formerly enslaved African Americans through the displays and information provided. Students are introduced to the earliest and most recent Juneteenth celebrations through multimedia presentations. It also allows students to learn about Texas’ Civil War participation, the history of the holiday, why the holiday is important to all Americans, and to contrast and compare early commemorations and modern-day activities.

The Juneteenth Memorial Sculpture Monument was dedicated on June 27, 2015. It consists of five bronze figures representing the story of Juneteeth, as well as a paved timeline of the Black Presence in the Americas—from the Middle Passage to the Emancipation Proclamation, which leads to the Bell of Freedom.

The sculptures depict how the news of liberty spread. On June 19, 1865, General Gordon Grainger read an order that established the Emancipation Proclamation as law. So the news of freedom reached The Pastor first, then the Legislature (who represents the faith leader in the African American Community). The Pastor informed the enslaved people, represented by the Freed Man and Freed Woman figures, who then informed the youth-the Child figure. Visitors can stand on the blank pedestal to be a part of the piece and continue the Juneteenth Story—to remember, reflect, and be inspired to share the emancipation story with others.

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Watch A Film Or A Live Show At Paramount Theater

Address: 713 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78701, United States

The Paramount Theatre, located in downtown Austin, Texas, is a live theater/movie theater. In 1915, the classical revival style structure was built. On June 23, 1976, the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Throughout its 100-year history, the Paramount has hosted a wide range of acts, including vaudeville, musicals, legitimate theater, and movies, including the premieres of films such as 1966’s Batman.

Quick History:

Ernest Nalle, who commissioned architect John Eberson to design the four-story theater in January 1915, built it. On October 11, 1915, the theater opened under the name “The Majestic” and hosted a variety of vaudeville acts, including the Marx Brothers. Karl Hoblitzelle bought the theater in 1930 and renamed it the “Paramount Theatre,” adding carpeting, upholstered seating, and a giant lighted blade sign reading “Paramount.” The Margaret Reed Estate purchased the theater in 1941. The building’s facade was renovated in November 1963. The signature blade sign was removed and reprogrammed as part of the renovation. The sign, however, was never reinstalled, and its fate was never revealed.

The popularity of television and suburban movie theaters led to a decline in theater attendance by the 1970s. In 1975, proprietors John M. Bernardoni, Charles Eckerman, and Stephen L. Scott formed a nonprofit organization to restore the deteriorating building. Roberta Crenshaw, a local philanthropist who owned a 50% stake in the building through her late husband’s estate, donated half of the trust to the nonprofit, while the other half offered a 99-year lease.

The theater’s inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places qualified it for federal restoration funds in 1976. Renovations began in September 1977, thanks to a $1.85 million federal grant that was also used to stimulate economic development in Downtown Austin.

The theater began an effort in 2015 to recreate the signature blade sign that had been lost in 1963. The designers analyzed old footage of the theatre that included the sign because there were no known architectural or engineering plans for the original sign. The blade sign was lit for the first time in over 50 years on September 23, 2015.

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Top 3 Questions People In Austin, Texas Have About CBD Gummies And Birth Control

As more and more people move to Austin, Texas, they are starting to become familiar with CBD gummies and birth control. Here are the top three questions people in Austin have about CBD gummies and birth control:

Question #1: Do CBD Gummies Affect Birth Control?

CBD gummies can have an effect on birth control, although the exact effect is not yet known. It’s possible that CBD could reduce the effectiveness of certain types of birth control, such as hormonal methods like the pill or patch. Thus, it is important to speak with your doctor before taking CBD if you are using a form of birth control. While research is still ongoing, it’s believed that CBD may interact with enzymes in the liver that break down certain types of hormones. This could affect both the levels of hormones in your body and how they are metabolized, thus reducing their effect on your body. 

If you’re using a non-hormonal form of birth control like an intrauterine device (IUD), it’s not clear if or how CBD would affect its effectiveness. More research is needed to determine the full effects of CBD on birth control methods, so it’s best to err on the side of caution and speak with your doctor before taking CBD while using any type of birth control. Your doctor will be able to provide you with the best advice on how CBD may affect your birth control method and if any adjustments should be made. Additionally, they can help you find an alternative form of birth control that won’t be affected by the use of CBD.

It’s also important to note that CBD is not the same as THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana. THC may interact with certain hormones in a different way than CBD does, so it’s important to remember that when considering whether or not to take CBD while using birth control. Ultimately, it’s best to speak with your doctor before taking CBD if you are using any form of birth control. They can provide you with the best advice on how to use CBD and what types of precautions you should take in order to ensure your safety.

Question #2: Do CBD Gummies Have The Ability To Prevent Pregnancy?

The answer to this question is no, CBD gummies do not have the ability to prevent pregnancy. CBD is the non-intoxicating component of marijuana and hemp plants and does not carry the same properties as traditional contraceptives such as birth control pills or condoms. While research into the potential health benefits of CBD is still ongoing, there is no evidence to suggest that consuming CBD gummies can act as a contraceptive. While some research has been done on the potential effects of CBD on fertility and reproductive functioning, it is still inconclusive as to whether or not CBD can be used as an effective method of contraception. 

As a result, pregnant women should not rely on CBD gummies as a form of birth control, and should instead use other methods such as condoms or birth control pills. Additionally, pregnant women should always consult with their doctor before using any type of supplement or medication, including CBD. As with all dietary supplements, it is best to consult with a physician before using them.

It is important to note, however, that CBD may help in other ways when it comes to pregnancy. For example, some studies suggest that CBD could help reduce nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Additionally, CBD could potentially provide relief from certain common discomforts associated with pregnancy such as morning sickness and fatigue. However, more research is needed before any definitive conclusions can be made on the effectiveness of CBD for these uses.

Overall, CBD gummies do not have the ability to prevent pregnancy and should not be relied upon as a form of contraception. However, they may offer some potential benefits when it comes to other aspects of pregnancy such as easing nausea and fatigue. As always, consult with your doctor before using any supplement or medication, including CBD.

Question #3: Can CBD Gummies Mess Up Hormones?

No, CBD gummies cannot mess up hormones. In fact, there is a lot of evidence that suggests that CBD can actually help regulate hormone levels. Studies have shown that CBD has the potential to help reduce stress and anxiety, both of which can have a negative effect on our hormones. Additionally, some studies indicate that it may be able to reduce cortisol levels, which can help regulate other hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. Finally, one study even found that CBD could reduce the symptoms of PMS by altering progesterone levels in women. So while it cannot mess up our hormones per see, it does have the potential to positively affect them. 

While many people believe that cannabinoids like THC in marijuana can affect hormone levels, this is not true when it comes to non-psychoactive CBD. Cannabidiol has been studied extensively and found to have no significant impact on hormone levels or functioning. Additionally, because CBD is a natural product derived from the hemp plant, it can be considered safer than some of the synthetic hormones used to treat medical conditions. For these reasons, many people are turning to CBD gummies as an alternative to other hormone-based treatments.

However, it is important to remember that everyone’s body is different and there may be individual sensitivities or allergies that could affect how CBD interacts with hormones. Therefore, it is best to consult a healthcare professional before adding any new supplement or product to your daily regimen. Additionally, be sure to look for quality products that are third-party tested and free of contaminants to ensure you are getting the safest and most effective CBD gummies available.

At the end of the day, there is no definitive answer as to whether or not CBD gummies can mess up hormones. However, the evidence suggests that these products are safe to use and shouldn’t have any significant effect on hormone levels. As long as you purchase a quality product and consult your healthcare provider beforehand, you shouldn’t have to worry about any adverse reactions.

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You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase CBD products, including CBD gummies in Texas, Austin. If you’re 21 or over, then visit our Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary in Austin for the best gummies from organic hemp extracts in all of Texas.

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