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If you’re a regular consumer of CBD products, you have probably realized that some CBD brands are much costlier than others.

There are several reasons why similar CBD brands have different prices. Since the CBD industry is still relatively new, the prices vary from one brand to another. This is because most brands are considering the size and trying to see what people will pay for different CBD products.

Why Are Some CBD Brands More Expensive Than Others?

Some CBD-based companies are manufacturing high-quality, locally sourced, lab-tested, and toxin-free CBD. All good things. Other CBD companies may be importing low-quality hemp oil from foreign countries and call it CBD. This type of CBD product is considered illegal, and it could be dangerous to health.

The introduction of a new product into an open market gives way for inconsistent pricing, but several factors play a role when it concerns the high price of CBD products. The prices usually depend on production methods. Most high-quality CBD brands price their goods depending on the hemp farming methods used, extraction techniques and costs, manufacturing, and more.

Usually, higher-quality CBD means a higher price. Since most high-quality CBD products undergo costly production processes, it leads to higher prices. Nonetheless, it’s essential to check the ingredients and the manufacturing behind the CBD brand you wish to buy.

Individuals want to understand the reason behind the inconsistent pricing of CBD products. In this article, we have come up with some reasons why CBD brands can increase or lower their prices.

Expensive Extraction Processes

The most common extraction methods include liquid solvents, oil extraction, and carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction. CO2 extraction is costly and therefore leads to higher pricing of the final product. Accordingly, companies that use this method often price their products than companies that use other methods.

Most quality brands use CO2 extraction methods because it provides pure and high-quality CBD products with no impurities.

The use of expensive and ineffective extraction machines is making CBD brands to further increase their production costs due to the removal of harsh solvents. The cost of production is then passed over to consumers in the form of high prices.

Hemp Source vs. Marijuana Source

CBD brands that produce tinctures and balms by extracting CBD from cannabis flowers may increase their price. On the other hand, companies that use hemp stalks to create tinctures may lower their costs. This is mainly because the CBD from the bud part of cannabis is more expensive than CBD from hemp stalks.

Furthermore, brands that blend THC into their products often have higher prices than brands that produce only CBD products. Other processes such as lab testing, tinted bottles, labor, rent, and utilities can also lead to higher costs.

Some CBD companies invest in double-testing every batch of imported CBD oil for harmful chemicals and toxins. Some high-quality brands also go as far as retesting the production process several times to assure a final quality product. This is advantageous because it ensures consumers are buying effective and safe products, although it does come at a high price.

Key Takeaways

The difference in the cost of CBD brands is mostly due to extraction methods, packaging, the source of the product and the size of the customer base.

When buying a CBD product ensure to check whether the quality of the CBD used is safe and reliable.

The legalization of CBD in many states in the US has led to better-regulated products, and this makes it easier to distinguish reputable brands from others.

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