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Recently, cities on the east coast of the united states braced for what potentially could have been a disastrous event. Hurricane Dorian had people biting their nails on whether to evacuate or not. Many people left, many people stayed and bunkered down. 

CBD & Hurricane Dorian | Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary

Unfortunately, the Bahamas suffered the peak of the storm, which was determined to be a category five hurricane at the time with winds over 180 MPH.

Hurricane Dorian stayed over the Bahamas as a category five for over twenty-four hours. The country is reporting it will take years for recovery from this Dorian.

CBD & Hurricane Dorian 

Preparing for natural disasters like hurricane Dorian can be extremely. stressful. The anxiety of determining whether to evacuate or not, having all your valuables in order, what to do with your pets (if you're a pet owner), and many other scenarios that might cross one's head.

The anxiety that one faces during these situations is justified. One way to help potentially alleviate your stress and anxiety is the use of hemp-derived CBD products.

CBD has been said to help with many numerous medical conditions such as pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and many other ailments.

The stress relief that CBD is reported to provide is ideal for stressful situations, like a Hurricane Dorian.

Additionally, CBD doesn't make you feel “stoned” like cannabis containing THC, short for Tetrahydrocannabinol. Leaving you able to function and perform the necessary hurricane tasks.

CBD & Natural Disasters in General 

Similar to the stress and anxiety that came along with Hurricane Dorian, other natural disasters can be just as stressful. Even though some disasters don't leave you with time to prepare like earthquakes, you can have remedies in place just in case an event does strike.

CBD & Hurricane Dorian | Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary

For example, keeping quick and easy to use CBD products handy is a great idea, even outside the realm of natural disasters.

One is ready for any stressful or anxiety-filled event that comes your way, natural disaster or not.

Where to buy CBD?

These days, it feels like CBD products can be purchased pretty much anywhere. From gas stations to retail stores like CVS, CBD products are sold.

However, just because CBD products are ubiquitous, doesn't mean all CBD products are created equally.

Places like gas stations probably aren't the best choice, they are more focused on turning a profit rather than providing quality wellness products.

Places like CVS, on the other hand, offer more reliable product vetting processes to ensure CBD products sold at their stores are of the highest quality.