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This week Texas had a big breakthrough with cannabis legalization. Texas’s current medical marijuana program is one of the most constricting in the nation. However, hemp and hemp-based products are now legal and able to be sold in stores. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill legalizing the production.

CBD Oil in Texas: Gov. Signs Bill | Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary

This bill really helps clarify what is legal and what remains not. Explaining that cannabinol (CBD) hemp products are legal as long as they contain 0.3 percent or less THC, otherwise known as tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is property inside cannabis that gets you “stoned.” Products containing over that THC percentage will still remain illegal.


As of now, regulations are still some months away. This has led to officials expressing CBD users to take caution purchasing products. Not all the products on the market have accurate labeling due to not having a solid regulatory foundation set in place yet. Many products on the market have been found out in regard to not actually containing ingredients claimed to be. Picking the right brands with good reputations is key for quality.

Texas’s Department of Agriculture has 90 days to submit a plan for approval to the secretary US Department Agriculture. The regulation is likely to include things like creating a hemp grower’s license program, allowing random inspections and testing of hemp crops by the Departments of Agriculture and Public Safety, and setting parameters for packaging and labeling.

Differences between CBD Oil Laws & Current Medical Marijuana Program

The thing is there isn’t too much of a difference between the two. The marijuana oil now available to patients allowed by the Compassionate Use program contains 0.5 percent THC. The CBD oil that is being allowed contains 0.3 percent or less. The difference between the approved marijuana oil is minuscule.

What this means for stores that sell CBD

Stores selling CBD hemp products will now be able to legitimately setup shop and sell products. As long as the products sold are high-quality, labeled accurately, and follow regulatory guidelines, stores in Texas should have no issues. Providing great customer service and high-quality products is what every CBD company’s main goals should be.

CBD Oil in Texas: Gov. Signs Bill | Mary Jane’s CBD Dispensary

What this means for us

Due to the growing demand in CBD in Texas, we have decided to open our third store location in San Antonio. Now, with CBD legalization more clarified, we decided this would be a perfect location to open in next. We are looking forward to helping the great people of San Antonio receive access to more natural remedies.

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