CBD Stores & Supercross: An Unlikely but Amazing Pair

Dirt bikes and cannabidiol (CBD)? The two may seem unlikely to be mentioned in the same sentence, let alone at all in general. 

CBD Stores & Supercross: An Unlikely but Amazing Pair

However, with CBD taking the United States and other nations by storm, cannabidiol has made it’s way into the sports scene as well. From basketball to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) it seems the health and wellness property has become widely accepted. 

Due to cannabidiol’s reported wellness benefits for helping common medical conditions like pain, stress, anxiety, and a long list of other ailments, it’s not hard to see why CBD has become popular in sports and active communities

Cannabidiol has even made it’s way into the niche world of Supercross dirtbike racing. Before we begin exploring the unique relationship between CBD and Supercross, just what exactly is Supercross? 

What is Supercross?

If you’re already familiar with supercross, you already know it involves really cool stuff like dirt-biking. Supercross and Motorcross go hand in hand as they are both lap based competitors between other dirtbike riders. These races take place on large man-made dirt race tracks consisting of hills and curves. Just as Supercross is really cool, it can also be really dangerous.

Due to the injuries that occur in this sport, some professional Supercross riders have begun using CBD for pain relief. Pro riders such as Chad Reed, who use CBD, have reported that they’ve experienced pain relief thanks to cannabidiol.

How CBD Dispensaries Play a Role in Supercross

Supercross riders and other types of athletes around the world are realizing CBD’s reported natural healing benefits. Many athletes experience pain due to the high amount of intense training and exercising. Athletes who experience pain and/or injuries typically reply on painkillers, which can slow down their performance, health problems from prolonged usage, and can pose addiction threats. 

CBD has no real reported negative side effects and has been said to offer natural pain relief without a “high” like traditional cannabis containing Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) provides. This makes it ideal for athletes who want to push their limits and don’t want to rely on painkillers for their relief. 

CBD Shops & CBD Oil Near Me

If you’re interested in trying cannabidiol for pain relief purposes, CBD oil and topicals are a great place to start. They are quick and simple to use, great for active people on the go. 

CBD Stores & Supercross: An Unlikely but Amazing Pair

When it comes to purchasing cannabidiol, you always want to make sure the products you are receiving are made with quality hemp and ingredients and come with lab testing documents. The main reason for picking products like this is to ensure quality and not receive any ineffective and/or potentially harmful products.

Lastly, when buying products from CBD dispensaries and CBD shops, brand research is also another key factor. Find out online what other people are saying about specific cannabidiol brands and products that you’re interested in trying.


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