Which Is Better, Wax Or Shatter?

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Wax and shatter are two forms of cannabis concentrate that you can use for a variety of medical and recreational purposes. Wax is made by heating up the plant material and collecting the wax as it hardens, whereas shatter is heated until it becomes mostly liquid before being frozen to create a solid form. There are many reasons why people choose one over the other; we will discuss some in this blog post!

What is marijuana wax?

Wax is a type of marijuana concentrate, meaning it’s derived from cannabis plants but has been transformed into something new. Wax can be thought of as similar to distilled liquor: It's very strong and often contains high levels of THC (pot’s main psychoactive compound).

What is shatter?

Wax is a solidified form of cannabinoids that have been extracted from the cannabis plant. Shatter, on the other hand, is an even more solid version of wax because it's much less runny and has higher THC levels than its counterpart. It also tends to be clear in color whereas wax can range anywhere between yellow or brown depending upon when it was made (before or after decarboxylation).

Differences Between Shatter and Wax

Wax or shatters are both excellent options for people who love to dab. Wax is a form of concentrated cannabis that has the same effects as smoking flower buds, but with no smoke involved. Shatter is another type of wax that tends to be clear in color and brittle like glass when it hardens. The advantage of shatter over other forms of concentrates is that it contains pure THC without additives such as PG, VG, MCTs, etc., unlike some other oils on the market today. Wax can sometimes have more terpenes added back into the concentrate after purging out undesired fractions during the production process than shatter does because wax uses whole-plant extractions instead of just one component (such as) isolated from plant matter.

Use and Results

Why are people so divided over the matter of smoking marijuana? It's because there are pros and cons for both waxing cannabis with a variety in their use. Shatter gives off more psychoactivity than shatters that can be heated or smoked but offers a weaker aroma, whereas Wax has versatility as well if not used quickly enough then it will degrade before reaching its full potential benefits- depending on what you're after one might suit your needs better over another

A lot depends upon preference when deciding which is best suited to meet individual goals however each type does have some advantages making either choice viable options based solely on personal preference.

Wax has a higher surface area than shatter, so even though you need less of it to get the same high duration (and benefits) wax topping is more common. Bowl toppings can also be used in vape bowls if they are heated during consumption rather than put into one already heated by hand – just like how water pipes work.

Marijuana wax is a type of marijuana that has much higher levels of THC than any other cannabis product, which results in an intense high. The difference between shatter and wax is the consistency; shatters are usually more crystalline because they have been frozen to create better texture whereas weed wax will be softer and oily. Waxes come from extracting oils with butane or carbon dioxide rather than being heated on a stovetop like a shatter. If you want more information about how we can help you harness your customers’ brains during their purchasing process, contact us today!

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