Should You Avoid Getting Vape Juice In Your Mouth?

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If you are new to vaping, then it is important that you know what will happen if vape juice gets in your mouth. This blog post discusses the reasons why people should avoid getting vape juice in their mouths. It also gives tips on how to avoid swallowing vape juice while vaping. If you are looking for information about this topic, then look no further!

Why am I getting vape juice in my mouth when I vape?

This is a common question that many vapers have when they experience this. The simple answer, for most people, is that you are not inhaling from the vape correctly. This happens because of the way your vape hits work and how to properly inhale them so you get a full drag with very little chance of getting any vape juice in your mouth at all.

Is it bad to get vape juice in your mouth?

No, it is not bad to get vape juice in your mouth. It will taste pretty nasty and might be a little bit uncomfortable but the ingredients are similar that those of food flavorings you would find at home or even baking extracts. You will notice some clouding after getting any amount of vape juice in your mouth which should go away within half an hour if you drink plenty of water to help flush out all the flavors before vaping again.

What can I do about it?

The best thing for avoiding having vape juices get into your mouth when vaping is by inhaling slowly while taking short drags on the device itself, these make sure only vapor gets up to where your palate is located instead of making its way down towards your throat. Make sure you are taking full drags and not short puffs on the device as well, this way it is less likely to get any vape juice in your mouth.

How can I avoid getting vape juice in my mouth?

The best thing for avoiding Vape Juice In Your Mouth would be by using a pod system that allows you to take one-handed draws like the JUUL or Phix devices which make it easier to keep from accidentally having too much liquid coming up towards where your palate is located while vaping these devices. Keeping yourself hydrated with plenty of water throughout the day helps flush out all those flavors better than anything else so drink lots of fluids if you're going through an entire tank before refilling it again just to avoid getting vape juice in your mouth.

It’s not the end of the world if you get vape juice in your mouth when vaping. You just need to know how to avoid it next time. For example, always use high-quality e-juice and don't blow out too hard on a new coil or cartomizer before letting it soak for 10 minutes. If you are still having problems with getting vape juice in your mouth while using an electronic cigarette, give us a call today! Our team at Vape World can help you figure out what is going wrong so that this doesn't happen again. We have all sorts of tips and tricks up our sleeves to make sure that even beginners feel like experts!

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